Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort, Puerto Rico

Last Sunday I came back from an amazing trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. My boyfriend and I left late Wednesday night and had a full four days of fun in the sun until flying back Sunday night. We stayed at the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort. It was AMAZING. The resort is very nice. It had everything we needed, so we didn’t even have to leave the resort. We had rented a car in Puerto Rico, but once we got to the resort, we realized that we didn’t really need it because we didn’t even want to leave. The inside of the luxury hotel is clean and spacious. It has a casino, several restaurants (in-door and outdoor), a tennis court, golf course, two pools (a quiet poolfor adults anda larger poolfor families), two hot tubs, a tiki bar, and even a slide going into the larger pool.

Because I really wanted to relax and de-stress, Kevin and I lounged at the adult pool because it was quiter and we had a nearly empty pool to ourselves. We spent the majority of our days laying in the sun and jumping in the pool to cool off. Luckily, the weather was perfect while we were there. Deciding to eat was the extent of our daily exertion.

Every day there were a few planned hotel activities such as iguana feeding, pool volleyball, a morning walk, a late night movie, etc. but Kevin and I set out sights on the water aerobics class. Yes, I took a half hour water aerobics class, don’t judge. It was actually a lot of fun bouncing around in the

pool and I was giggling the whole time. Oh, and I did go down the water slide once which was quite fun.

My only negative remarks are that Puerto Rico is not really vegetarian friendly. I ate enough cheese nachos to last me for the

next three months. Additionally, although the pool was nice and clean, the beach was not. The sand was not the soft white kind I like best, and it was pretty littered, especially as we walked away from our resort. I had originally wanted to spend a day on Culebra Island which was recommended to me as one of the nicest beaches in the world, but since I felt so content and lazy at the Wyndham, we didn’t end up going (We would have had to drive to the ferry and then take it to the island which was apparently too much effort for us at the time.). Also, because we were so relaxed, we did not think to plan ahead, so the one night we decided to venture outside of the resort to go kayaking on the Bioluminescent Bay

of Vieques Island, we went to the concierges desk only to find that we had to make reservation further in advance and there were already booked far out.

Even though we didn’t get to do any activities outsdie the resort, the concierges were very helpful. I consuted them several times for directions and to inquire about activities like boating, snorkeling,hikinh in therainforest, etc. and they were always friendly.

Our vacation was so enjoyable that Kevin and I agreed that Puerto Rico may have to become “”our spot”” to vacation at yearly. We were so impressed with the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort that we would definitely do a repeat stay. It offered everything we wanted in our vacation (minus immediate snorkeling access). Did I mention that the drinks were the best?! They had a great menu full of summer cocktails and daquiris. Drinking a “”Coco Loco”” rum daquiri out of a coconut became my late afternoon treat every day.

I definitely felt relaxed on our vacation, and I had so much fun that I can’t wait to go back already! If you want a relaxing vacation spot that isn’t crawling with partying college kids and can satisfy all of your needs without needing to leave the resort, I recommend staying at the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort in the beautiful Puerto Rico.


Published by Kevin Weatherman