Visit to DC: Part I-Valentine and Friends

I had wanted to go to Washington DC for a while. I hadn't visitedsince Close-Up Government in 7th grade and I love taking weekend trips, so Kevin decided to make a special Valentine's Day weekend out of it. It was also great because I was able to see some friends from school who I hadn't seen for almost two years. Kevin booked a hotel room at Donovan House. Although the room wasn't as nice as it looked in the pictures, the location was pretty convenient to get everywhere we wanted to go. We rented a car in Manhattan anddrove down after work on Friday, and it took a little overfour hours. Though we were extremely exhausted by the time we got to the hotel, we tried to make the ride down as enjoyable as possible by eating munchies, stopping for dinner, and alternating driving.

Saturday morning we walked to breakfast at Commissary and on the way, down a random alley, we came across some amazing street art. Stumbling across things like this is what makes traveling so exciting and enjoyable.

After spending the afternoon at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (details on the museum to come in the next post), Kevin and I got ready to meet up with my Michigan friends for dinner and drinks. We Pizza Paradiso in Georgetown. Since Georgetown is very college-centric, we walked to a classier establishment–Degrees in the Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown. Even though drinks were pricier than they would have been if we had gone to a college bar, it was actually the perfect spot to relax on the plush couches, have a few cocktails and catch up.

After a generous offer by my friend Elena, our group of six met up again for brunch at her place on Sunday. She's a great cook, and we were spoiled with a delicious, wide variety of food including fruit salad, curried potatoes, eggs, pancakes, french toast and doughnuts. Needless to say, we were stuffed.

My weekend in DC being able to explore, catch up with friends, and spend time with my boyfriend

was the best Valentine's Day I could ask for. And while my visit did not entice me to want to move there, I'm definitely looking forward to visiting DC again in the near future.


Published by Kevin Weatherman