Vegan Shop-Up

Last Sunday I went to a really cool vegan pop-up market in Brooklyn called Vegan Shop-Up. It had everything imaginable–tables with vegan chocolate, brownies, cupcakes, chocolate sauce,pretzels,

hummus, different flavored vegan cheeses, salsa. There was even jewelry nail polish, and handmade catnip mice toys. It’s markets like Vegan Shop-Up that make me love New York so much.

My newest obsession was also there–The Cinnamon Snail. The Cinnamon Snail is a vegan food truck that has a variety of sandwiches, raw pizza, beverages and delicious desserts. I have tried the Chipotle seitan burrito, Smoked portabello mushroom Carpaccio, maple mustard tempeh sandwich, Creole grilled tofu sub, and

the cinnamon snail pastry. My favorite sandwich of the ones I’ve tried is the Creole grilled tofu sub though you really can’t go wrong with any decision. Although I haven’t tried many of their desserts or pastries, the Cinnamon Snail pastry is to die for. It’s soft and sugary, and it kind of tastes like an elephant ear. Part of the fun of eating Cinnamon Snail is that you can only find their location for the day on Twitter or Facebook, and they usually don’t tell you where they’re going to be parked until the morning of.

The Vegan Shop-Up was also hosted at a really cool vegan friendly bar, Pine Box Rock Shop. I didn’t have anything to drink, but I did take a look at their menu and saw some good cocktails. I think

I’ll have to go back again for drinks.

Again, what makes living in the city so exciting besides the Broadway shows, fashion, and fine dining are things like the Brooklyn flea market, Vegan Shop-Up, and delicious food trucks. Thank you New York for never allowing me to be bored and for making it easy to be a vegetarian in the city!