Valentine’s Day Weekend

V-Day Brownie Batter & Cookie Dough Donuts from Dunkin’

I had a great Valentine’s Day this year. I don’t like when people make a big deal about getting something for Valentine’s Day, but I appreciated that my bf acknowledged it and we spent not just the day but the entire weekend together. This year Kevin surprised me and had two dozen roses delivered to my office. It was really sweet and the flowers brightened up my cubicle. After work we saw Machinal on Broadway. It wasn’t the ideal show to see on Valentine’s Day (**Spoiler Alert** The main character, Helen, kills her husband), but it was still nice to do something on Valentine’s Day other than our normal Friday night which usually consists of ordering in food and watching TV.

On Saturday we woke up really early to head to Hunter Mountain to ski. It was my first time skiing on the East Coast. We went with a few of Kevin’s friends. It was also snowing a lot up there, so even the blue runs ended up becoming difficult because there were snow mounds everywhere. I wiped out a few times, but luckily, the snow was fluffy so I didn’t get hurt. After a day of skiing we drove to Tarrytown where we stayed over at Kev’s friend’s new home. We spent the night eating spicy vegan chili, drinking wine, and playing cards. We had a great time.

The rest of the weekend we stayed in NYC where we just ran errands and hung out in the apartment. Kev watched the entire second season of House of Cards on Netflix while I read (The Silent Wife) and caught up on sleep. I also convinced Kevin to see Endless Love (really corny, I don’t recommend) at the movies. I also ate a ton. One day for lunch we picked up soy bacon cheeseburgers from one of my favorite vegan spots, V-Note, and then the next day we had lunch at another one of my fav lunch spots, Num Pang. On Monday night (President’s Day), I made vegan nachos for dinner while watching The Walking Dead. GREAT weekend!