Vail Ski Trip April 2016

I was able to squeeze inmy first ski trip of the year and of the whole ski season the first weekend in April. Kevin was there for a company offsite all week, so we were able to tack a few additional days onto his trip. I was only there for less than 48 hours but it was totally worth it; I had a great time.

It felt like it had been a while since my last ski trip so I was really looking forward to going skiing. I flew to Denver after work on Friday so I didn’t get to Vail Manor until really late. We skied all day on Saturday and woke up early to ski for a few hours on Sunday morning before heading to the airport to fly back to NYC. On Saturday the snow conditions were ideal. I lucked out that it had just snowed there on Thursday. Things got a little slushy towards the end of the day on Saturday and it froze over night, so Sunday’s conditions weren’t as good, but it was still a lot of fun. I even got to get a little mogul practice in.

Colorado is a beautiful state and I understand why people love living there. I felt happy and more easy-going during my short trip. On Sunday Kevin and I were out on the first lifts of the morning, and it was a cool experience having the mountain to ourselves for a bit. It was a cool experience feeling like we were the only ones on the mountain and one of thefirst to traverse down that morning. As you can see from the picture above, it was breathtaking. I already can’t waituntil my next ski trip.

Published by Kayla