Two Weekends on Fire Island

For the past two weekends I have packed a weekend bag and set off to Fire Island. My boyfriend and his friend went in on a house for 10 days in Davis Park, so I took the opportunity to spend the weekend on the beach rather than stay in the concrete jungle.

The first weekend we had the house was over 4th of July weekend, and there were about 15 of us who stayed at the house. I was able to bring one of my best girlfriends too. The house had four bedrooms with two twin beds in each room. The remaining people slept on air mattresses in the living room. I kind of felt like I was in college again with a house jam-packed with people and a weekend full of drinking with drinking games (beer pong included of course).

We had great weather on Saturday, but it was rainy all Sunday so we got bored quite fast, and we left on Monday. By the end I was happy to get back to the city and into my daily routine of things and actually feel clean after a long shower without getting all sandy again. By the time the next weekend rolled around though, I was ready for another mini-vacation from the city. This time, it was raining on Friday as we headed to Fire Island, and luckily, the weather was gorgeous while we were there. On Saturday morning my boyfriend and I set off on a 15 mile walk/jog on the beach because I really wanted to see the lighthouse by Kismet. We ended up stopping at mile seven and taking a water taxi back, but it was still a fun little adventure. Let’s just say I now know why Fire Island

is notoriously known as the gay island. There are only certain parts that seem that way, but you’ll definitely know when you are in gayville by all the naked bodies on the beach.

Fire Island was a nice little escape from the city for a few days. I wouldn’t call it paradise, but no one can complain too much about an opportunity to tan on the beach while watching the waves in the ocean. Davis Park is a nice little community too, although I would probably choose to stay on a different part of the island next year, just to try something different. The only real hassle is getting there–two trains, a taxi and a ferry. It can also be a little costly. $11 for a LIR train ticket, $6 for a taxi from the train station to the ferry, and $9 to take the ferry from Long Island to Fire Island. =$26 each way = $52 roundtrip in just transportation. Food is also expensive on the island; it’s double the price of food in NYC which is already expensive. It’s best to bring food over on the ferry with you which will definitely save you money, but it is also a hassle, so you have to weigh your options.

I am already looking forward to going back next year. Thanks for the memories Davis Park! 🙂


Published by klafata