Trip to Sydney

After a rainforest tour in Cairns and four days on a boat scuba diving, we spent the last few days of our trip exploring Sydney. We stayed at the Westin in Sydney which was really nice and comfortable. On our first day in Sydney we walked all around the city all day and shopped. Then we got cleaned up and walked to the harbor to see the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was a beautifully warm day and there happened to be a summer festival concert going on at the Sydney Opera House. We got to enjoy some live music (Little May was opening for Angus and Julia Stone) with an amazing view of the sunset behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was a pretty magical moment. After checking that out, Kevin and I headed to dinner to meet one of his former coworkers. We met at a cool, trendy spot for dinner called Riley St. Garage.

On our last full day in Sydney, we met with our friend’s younger sister who lives in Sydney. Me, her, Kevin, and her boyfriend all went on a hike from Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic Walkway. It was a really nice hike with great views. What we didn’t know was that the hikewas going to be six miles…our bad. By the end of the hike we were all pretty tired and really hungry for lunch. We stopped at a cute vegetarian friendly restaurant in Manly for a bite before going back to Angela’s place. Her place is sick with a large private rooftop deck area with an amazing view of Manly Beach. After taking a quick dip in the ocean, we had some fresh margaritas at their place while enjoying the view. It was a really nice day.

From Manly Beach we took the express ferry back to the city. The ferry was really fast and it was cool going right past the Sydney Opera House that we had just visited the day before. After freshening up, Kev and I went to see Dirty Dancing the musical. I had Dirty Dancing on VHS when I was a young girl, and I’ve seen the movie countless of times, so when I found out that the show was playing in Sydney, I had to go. I absolutely loved the show and was smiling the whole time. It makes me want to watch the movie again. I can’t say Kevin enjoyed it nearly as much as I did, but he was glad that I had such a good time. It was a great way to end our great time in Sydney and our amazing trip to Australia.

I really liked Sydney. I like larger cities and I like the fact that everyone there seemed really active. London has been my favorite city other than New York for the past few years, but Sydney might just be my new favorite.]]>

Published by Kayla