Trip to Australia

Last month I went on the most amazing trip of my life. I have traveled quite a bit, but my trip to Australia was unlike any other I’ve ever been on. It was also the furthest I’ve ever traveled.

Kev and I flew from NYC to LA on Thursday evening, then from LA to Brisbane and finallyfrom Brisbane to Cairns. After a very long day of traveling and a big time change, we finally landed in Australia on Saturday morning. It was a 23 hour flight. Luckily I had a few sleeping pills, so the flight was surprisingly pretty easy. What wasn’t as easy was adjusting to the time difference.

On Sunday we relaxed and walked around the Cairns esplanade, and then on Monday we went on a rainforest tour with Wait-a-While Rainforest Sightseeing Tours where we got to see a lot of cool trees and animals.

The rainforest tour was an awesome land trip before the sea portion of our trip. The morning after our rainforest excursion, we boarded the Spirit of Freedom live aboard boat to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. We did eleven dives in only two and a half days…I’m not kidding. It was physically exhausting but such an amazing experience. Kev and I even got advanced open water diving certified.

The last leg of our Australia trip was spent in Sydney. We stayed at the beautiful Westin and spent one full day shopping and walking all over the city, seeing iconic spots like theSydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and grabbing dinner with one of Kev’s former co-workers. On our last day we met up with another friend to go on a beautiful scenic 10k walkto Manly Beach followed by an equally as amazing evening seeing Dirty Dancing the Musical.

I had such an amazing vacation, and even though we didn’t do a lot of relaxing in the normal sense of sleeping in and laying on the beach, my mind was relaxed from being unplugged from work. I was able to enjoy myself completely because I didn’t look atemail. The only time I was even on my phonewas when I could get free wifi in the hotel room, but even then, I made a commitment to myself that I would only go on social media to post pics from the trip and not look at actual work stuff. The days passed by super fast because we were so active throughout the entire trip. I had such an amazing time that it took a full week for me to snap out of my dreamy vacation state. Our trip to Australia was one I will never forget!…or at least I won’t forget much because I wrote a novel about each part of the trip:


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