They Are Pretty Little Liars

On Tuesday when I was flipping through TV channels I stumbled upon the premiere of ABC Family’s new show, Pretty Little Liars, based on Sara Shepard’s young adult series. I enjoyed the season premiere already brimming with a tangle of secrets and drama, and I will most likely be tuning in at 8pm every Tuesday for my daily dose of entertainment. Considering two of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries- both on the CW Network- are taking a break until the start of the next season in the Fall, I’m happy I’ve found another show to watch in the meantime.

Teen Vogue seems to like the new show as much as I. They named Pretty Little Liars as their monthly pick for TV shows to stay in tune with. Criticism of the show is that it is too much like Gossip Girl with the girls’ obsession with designer clothes, boys, and constant quarreling. Other comments I read on Teen Vogue’s Facebook page said that although viewers like the show, it isn’t anything like Shepard’s books. Finally, a review by New York Times compares the show to a soap opera. I suppose most teenage girls’ lives seem like soap operas anyway, but to compare a modern show aimed at young adults to an overly-done soap opera isn’t exactly flattering.

Regardless of minor negative reviews, I will still be fulfilling my guilty pleasure of overly dramatic, low brow television. Plus, I’m not going to lie, Aria’s affair with her cute young teacher (that she just happened to meet at a bar and have a steamy makeout session in the bathroom before realizing a week later that she is taking a class with him) is just too sexy and scandalous to pass up.


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