The Arts in NYC

Besides going on some fun trips this past winter, I also got a good taste of the arts in NYC. I went to a really cool contemporary art fair, a concert at Madison Square Garden, and I saw three really great Broadway shows:Elephant Man, You Can’t Take it With You, and Constellations.

The art fair I went to was called PULSE. Kevin and I were invited by C24 Gallery in New York because we worked with them to get our Nick Gentry pieces. I didn’t really know what the PULSE fair was all about, but Kevin and I were free one of the eveningsof the fair, so we figured we’d check it out. As their fair guide pamphlets states, the [Pulse] fair cultivates a supportive environment for its international community of galleries and provides a platform for their growth and expansion in the contemporary art market. From its inception [ten years ago], PULSE has presented thoughtfully-curated exhibitions and ever-evolving programming that reflect the fair’s commitment to making the visitor experience a dynamic one.

I think the description of the PULSE art fair is spot on. I saw a lot of different works of art, all cool in their own way. Some of my favorite pieces included a collage made using stickers like the ones I used to collect for my sticker book when I was a kid by Beijing artist Ye Hongxing,an x-ray-looking photo of an airplane and a motorcycle, a weird but cool painting of emojis, eerie but beautiful pictures of destroyed and abandoned buildings in Italy that were once great (which reminded me a lot of the pictures from Andrew Moore’s Detroit Disassembled exhibit that I went to at the Queens Museum a few years ago), and of course some of Nick Gentry’s newer work using film strips.

My absolute favorite piece at the fair was by a Turkish artist I was unfamiliar with, Irfan Onurmen, who makes his art out of tulle. It was unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s just amazing at what he can create using the same material as a ballerina’s tutu. I love that good art can make you feel alive, and I felt a good electric vibe in the air while walking around checking out vastly different pieces. Art is good if it makes you feel something, and I left the fair feeling inspired.

In addition to seeing some art, I also saw a few good shows on Broadway this winter. I saw ElephantMan starring Bradley Cooper who plays a disfigured man and he was amazing in it. I recently saw another more serious show, Constellations, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson about the possibility of so many different outcomes in ones life. New York Times writer, Ben Brantley says it best in his review Constellations is about, among other things, how inevitably fraught and imperfect communication is, even with people closest to you.

Jake was great in Constellations, but Ruth really took the stage. She was amazing. She is also in the new hit show on Showtime, The Affair. Another equally as good but much more light-hearted show I saw on Broadway was You Can’t Take It With You. It was a comedic play about an unconventional family. I originally wanted to see it because it got pretty good reviews and because Rose Byrne was in it, but by the time I was finally able to see it, she wasn’t in it anymore. Luckily the storyline is so good and all of the characters are so quirky and entertaining that I don’t think it was necessary to have any really famous actors in it.

Lastly, I saw my first concert at Madison Square Garden. Kev and I saw Maroon 5. Even though our seats were pretty bad, we still had a great time, and Maroon 5 was super good live. It makes me want to see more live music.

Published by Kayla