Daily Delights (Look-back Sept ’19 until Feb 2020)

I was working on drafting an article for something else I’m working on and was having a hard time recalling dates and I couldn’t find any reference on my fav social media platform, Instagram, either which made me realize that I don’t post often (though I do post a lot of stories but then I forget to save them and they’re gone foreverrrrr).

Therefore, I’m recapping some of my fav moments over the past several months:

I love my friends. From whiskey tasting at Single Barrel Social in Brighton with Becca, to dressing up for Halloween and going to the bar to watch a boxing match with Tiffers, to getting fancy for cocktails at Saks, we always have a blast.
Two recent Broadway shows we’ve seen are Moulin Rouge and Jagged Little Pill. We saw Post Malone perform at MSG. We went to a few basketball games including the Nets vs. Lakers to watch Lebron crush it. We also got to see Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy show.
Kev’s Aunt Kat directed a documentary called Animation Outlaws on Spike and Mike, the OGs of animation, that was shown at the Woodstock film festival, so Kev and I made a weekend trip out of it to support her.
Our friend Lauren got married so we made the trip to SF to celebrate.
Right before the start of the Philly Half Marathon and after.
Kevin completed his first Half Marathon in the 2019 Philly Half and I finished my second and got a PR! Kev and I crossed the finish line holding hands, clocking in at 1:45:38. Our average split was about 8:03/mi. The last time I ran the New York Half Marathon was in 2014 and I finished at 1:46:36. It was a very proud moment for the both of us.
ABC’s annual skating party at Rockefeller. I got a pic with my favorite meteorologist, WABC’s Lee Goldberg this year!
This year I got involved in the organization Girls on the Run which provides a physical activity based positive youth development program for young girls. I was a SoleMate for the Philly Half a raised money for the organization. I also participated in their end-of-the-year 5k run as a “Sparkle runner” running alongside and cheering on the girls. It’s nice to give back while also doing something I enjoy.
I had a summit for work in Orlando so Kev joined me for the weekend to go to Disney World Park. We went to Epcot and had a nice day running around–it was my first time at the park as an adult! It was also a good excuse for me to get a Mickey shirt from Gucci’s latest collection 😉
Kev and I have had fun trying afternoon tea spots around the city. From left to right: Pembroke Room in the Lowell Hotel, BG Restaurant at Bergdorf’s, and Gotham Lounge at The Peninsula
I wanted a Cartier Love ring to wear on vacations instead of my engagement ring, so I got one with a single diamond and wear it every day. A few months later, Kevin read a biography on the Cartier family and was impressed so he wanted something from Cartier as well. We upgraded his wedding band to a simple white gold band with a subtle Cartier engraving which he now wear every day as well. I also splurged on a panther ring that I’ve had my eye on for the past several years. It’s a statement piece but I plan to wear it as often as possible. I LOVE it and feel very proud that I was able to buy it for myself.
I have been obsessed with the Orbicular Burrfish since the first time I saw it almost four years ago when we went diving in Indonesia, but after seeing my little dudes again this past Christmas on our dive trip, it further reinforced that I wanted it as my next tattoo. Mr. K at Bang Bang did my octopus tattoo back in 2018 and he is one of the best tattoo artists in the world, so I wanted him to do my next sea critter. I shared pictures of the Orbicular Burrfish with him and he turned it into a cuter version. I love it!

Honeymoon Part III: Fiji

After being really active hiking and traveling all over Boreno and then diving nonstop for about a week in Indonesia, Kev and I were looking forward to relaxing on the last leg of our honeymoon in Fiji. The first night we stayed at the Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa. We got there in the late afternoon so we weren’t able to hang in the pool, but we had a nice late lunch overlooking the ocean and then I went to the spa for a body scrub and manicure.

The next day we hopped on another plane to another Fijian Island, Savusavu to our final resort of the trip, Koro Sun. I chose Koro Sun because they were one of the few resorts in Indonesia and Malaysia that advertised an underwater ceremony.  The ceremony ended up being perfect. Our boat was decorated with a beautiful assortment of flowers and they made me a bouquet that probably would have cost hundreds of dollars in the US. I was obsessed with it, I didn’t even want to put it down it was so pretty. After a 20-30 minute boat ride, we got to a nice shallow area where we anchored down and jumped in with the minister. The ceremony was super quick with just a few laminated cards worth of writing and we got some fun pictures. Back on the boat we popped some champagne and enjoyed the cruise back to the marina.

Other than the ceremony we didn’t have anything else planned, but after lounging around for one day we were already a little bored, so the next day we went on another dive. It was supposed to be a morning trip–we left at 9:30am and they said we would be back by 3pm–but we didn’t end up getting back to the resort until around 5:30pm. I didn’t mind though because we didn’t have anything else planned. The water was pretty choppy that day which was partly why it took a bit longer to get to the dive sites. We went on two dives that afternoon where we saw more pretty coral and fish, and what was even more exciting–sharks! There were large pools of tuna and other fish and a few sharks circling around that were about my size. I knew they wouldn’t attack me, so I stayed calm and got some great pictures of them up close.  We also saw a pod of sperm whale while on the boat. They were huge yet so gentle and beautiful. It was really special seeing them.

Other than that, Kev and I just read and hung out by the pool and walked to the spa for massage a few times. While Fiji was nice, we were ready to head home by the end. Overall, we had an absolute blast on our honeymoon. It was a trip of a lifetime and we will never forget it.  I’m excited to continue spending my life with Kevin as the new Mrs. Weatherman!

Here is a link to all of the Fiji photos.

Wedding and Honeymoon

On Tuesday April 4, 2017 I married my best friend and boyfriend of six years. I didn’t want a wedding and I wanted to keep things as simple as possible, so we went to the courthouse. Since I am my parent’s only daughter, they really wanted to be there as well, so they flew in the weekend prior.

I was so pleased that everything turned out the way I wanted and it was a stress-free weekend. On Tuesday morning GlamSquad came over to do my hair and makeup and makeup for my mom. After that I threw on my dress and we hopped in an Uber to the courthouse. You can’t make reservations at the courthouse so I was nervous about how long it would take, but luckily with it being a Tuesday, the wait was not long and we were in and out in about two hours. It gave us time to go back to the apartment to have lunch and relax a bit before pictures.
I also wasn’t going to do the whole wedding dress thing either, I was going to just get a designer dress that I could wear again but then my friends made valid points that it was my one time to wear a white wedding dress and that the reality is, even if I bought a nice designer dress for the courthouse and pictures, I wouldn’t likely wear it again so I might as well do the wedding dress that we can only wear once. Kev ended up getting a tux too 🙂

We even got a cake 🙂

So anyway, I wore a White by Vera Wang wedding dress and we hired an awesome photographer, Jesse Pafundi, that I found through Instagram to take our photos. I chose the photographer because he does a good job of capturing the surroundings just as much as photographing the couple in a beautiful way. We had him for two hours and we started in SoHo/NoHo for some photos by our favorite street art and then we took a cab to the Highline. We lucked out at the Highline; usually it’s pretty crowded but since it was an overcast day there was hardly anyone there. We also lucked out that though overcast, it didn’t actually rain on us.
After pictures, we headed back to the apartment and ordered in pizza while Kev and I finished packing. Then before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport to catch our flight for our honeymoon advernture. The day was a whirlwind but it was perfect and exactly what I wanted.
Since I didn’t want to do the whole wedding thing, Kev and I planned an epic honeymoon. We were gone from April 5th through April 30th and went all over Southeast Asia. Below is a quick recap:

My new fav critter in Boreno, the red leaf monkey. Look at that face!

BORNEO – We started the trip with National Geographic Expeditions in Borneo and stayed in three different rainforest eco lodges and saw a ton of amazing animals in the jungle.

The largest bathtub ever at the Fairmont in Bali

BALI – After several days in Borneo, we flew to Bali where we stayed at the most amazing resort for two nights, the Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali. I have stayed at some really nice hotels before, but nothing as grand as the Fairmont in Bali. I definitely could have stayed there a few more days.

Mandarin fish that we were lucky enough to see at dusk when they come out to spawn

WAKATOBI, INDONESIA — From Bali we made our way to Wakatobi Dive Resort in Wakatobi National Park which is a marine national park in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The name of Wakatobi is a portmanteau of the four main Tukangbesi Islands: Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. We stayed on a live aboard dive yacht and did 23 dives over six days. We became Nitrox certified on the trip and collectively spent almost a full day under water!

FIJI — After land and sea adventures, we headed to Fiji to relax for a few days before heading back home to the US. We stayed at Koro Sun resort who hooked us up with a beautiful underwater ceremony.
Our honeymoon was amazing and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. While being gone for almost a month was a long time, it went by fast and I would do it all over again and again if I could. If anything, it just fed my desire to explore and see more of the world. Kev and I are already planning our next big trip.