My Favorite Workouts in NYC

In addition to my favorite vegetarian restaurants, I’m also frequently asked about my favorite workouts around the city, so below is a list of my go-to studios in no particular order. Most of the below have multiple locations, but I usually go to the ones closest to my apartment in Soho.

I have a ClassPass membership since I love variety with my workouts and most of the below boutique studios are on ClassPass. I work out around 5-6x a week, so I have the highest credit plan of 130 credits for $199 per month. I usually use all of my credits each month so I supplement ClassPass with class packs purchased directly from specific studios as well.

Lastly, if you’re interested in joining ClassPass to have access to classes at most of the below studios, here is a referral link.

  • HIIT
    • Barry’s Bootcamp
    • Switch
    • Fhitting Room
    • SolidCore
  • Yoga
    • Y7
    • Bode NYC (formerly Bikram NYC, it’s the traditional 90-minute class with twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures in 102-105 degrees)
  • Running
    • Mile High Run
    • Precision Run
    • Peloton Tread
  • Boxing
    • Overthrow
    • Grit Boxing
  • Cycling
    • Monster Cycle
  • Rowing
    • City Row

Happy Sweating!

My Fav Veggie Spots in NYC

I get asked about my favorite vegetarian restaurants a lot, so below is a list of my favorite veggie/vegan restaurants in Manhattan in no particular order. I’ve also indicated if the restaurant is vegan (ND-for “no dairy”) or just vegetarian (V).

West Village
Urban Vegan Kitchen (ND) – Everything is good but my personal favorites are the breakfast sandwich and the avocado ranch salad with buffalo fried seitan.
Le Botaniste (ND)
West-Bourne (V) – My go-to is the Mushroom Reuben with a Kin non-alcoholic cocktail.
Greenwich Village
Quantum Leap (V) – They have a robust menu but my fav is the Vegan Pineapple Up Side Down Pancakes.
Red Bamboo (ND)
Go Zen (ND) – My favs are the wonton soup, curry noodle soup, and the sweet and sour divine (which is sweet and sour fake-chicken and the bomb). Go Zen is right next to Red Bamboo so it’s easy to go to either if there is a wait to be seated.
Sacred Chow (ND) – My go-to is the Tempeh Reuben and Black Olive Seitan.
Kips Bay
Marty’s V Burger (ND)
Murray Hill
Franchia (ND) – Everything is good here but some of my favs are Spicy Kimchi Pancakes, the soy ‘duck’ wrap, and Singapore Curry Angel Hair.
Upper West Side
Blossom (ND)
East Village
Double Zero (ND) – This is one of Matthew Kenney’s restaurants and it’s my favorite vegan pizza spot.
Bar Verde (ND) – This is another Matthre Kenney restaurant (he has three right next to each other in East Vill). I love the vegan nachos.
Lower East Side
Jajaja (ND) – Best tacos and frozen margs.
Petisco (ND) – kitty-corner from Jajaja, Petisco is one of my all-time fav vegan spots. I love everything on the menu.
Orchard Grocer (ND) – I love this place so much and wish they had a location in Soho. They have daily sandwich specials that are amazing.
Hangawi (ND) – I love the ambiance of this place. Be prepared to take your shoes off at the door before being seated at a traditional Korean table.
Herald Square
Cinnamon Snail (ND) – Located in The Pennsy, I fell in love with the Cinnamon Snail several years before when they just had a food truck. They have great donuts and sandos.

The following are not solely vegetarian or vegan restaurants but they have some good options as well:

  • Vandal – Amazing ambiance with fun art and robust veggie options.
  • Saxon & Parole – They have one of the best Impossible Burgers in the city.
  • Umami Burger in Brookfield Place is another one of my fav spots for a good Impossible Burger.
  • Grey Dog – My favorite is the spicy caesar salad with tofu.
  • Blockheads – Surprisingly they have a whole vegan section on their menu.
  • Taco dumbo – The vegan chorizo tacos are bomb.
  • 12 Chairs – Good spot in Soho for nice sit down with Mediterranean food. They have the best hummus in the city.
  • Counter/Chef’s Club in Nolita- Though the chefs and menu changes every few months, there are always usually great veggie options.

Happy Eating!!

Bachelorette Party

Two weekends ago I had my bachelorette party at my apartment in NYC. Even though many of my girlfriends had been asking about a bachelorette party after I got engaged, I wasn’t planning on having one because I didn’t feel like organizing it and I didn’t know where to do it. I would have loved to do something fancy and go to my fav city, London, for a long weekend but I knew that would rule many people out due to the cost. Others suggested Vegas but I’m not really a Vegas kind of gal. Therefore, when Kevin told me he was going out of town for a “boy’s weekend” the first weekend in March, my girlfriend Tiffany suggested I have my bachelorette party that same weekend, and since Kevin would be out of town we could do it in NYC and those visiting from out of town would have a free place to stay.

At first I was hesitant about it, but after I sent a note out inviting my closest friends and family, they really took charge and helped to plan an amazing weekend. I thought the party was just going to be on Saturday, but since two of my cousins and one of my best friends from Michigan already flew in on Friday night, we kicked things off a day early. After work on Friday I headed downtown to Seaport to see a movie at iPic Theaters. It was awesome. iPic is a new luxury dine-in theater. We ordered pizza to share and some cocktails while comfortably reclined to watch a movie. We saw Fifty Shades Darker which I thought was fitting for the weekend too. The movie was what I expected but the whole experience was neat and I’m looking forward to going again as a treat.

Since we knew we had a long Saturday planned full of activities, we didn’t drink too much and went to bed at a reasonable hour. Then on Saturday morning we kick-started the day with a spin class at my fav studio, Monster Cycle, with my fav instructor Michael who made sure to play some of my fav songs including Diplo and YellowClaw. We reserved all the bikes in the front row and wore matching gold kitty ears that Tiffany bought and spray painted for the party 🙂  It was cute and everyone had a good workout.

After working out we came back to my apartment to shower and then GlamSquad came to give us all blowouts. We vegged out and talked while taking turns getting our hair done.  Bottles also started popping and we all were enjoying a fair amount of prosecco so I ordered in some pizzas too to make sure everyone was properly fueled.  Once GlamSquad was done with everyone’s hair, we put on makeup then played a quick game, opened presents, and got some group pics before  changing into our going-out outfits.

From there were grabbed two Ubers and headed uptown to dinner at Robert in Columbus Circle. There was a nice view overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park and the food was pretty good too. What was even better was that Jordan Peele was sitting at a nearby table, so we were all a little starstruck. Since it was still relatively early after dinner,  we went to The Plaza for more drinks before the club. It was kind of like an adult pre-game. The Plaza is beautiful and it wasn’t very crowded so we got a table and shared two bottles of prosecco. The ambiance was amazing and the table was a large circular table so we all got to face each other and talk. There was a lot of toasting and everyone shared some of their favorite “Kayla moments.” It was very special.

Then we hopped in Ubers again and headed to 1 Oak. I was the one who had suggested getting a table at a club for my bachelorette party because none of us go anymore and are usually sleeping by midnight so I felt like it would be my last hurrah. We didn’t want to get there too early because we heard it only gets better the later it gets, so we got there around 1:30am. We all felt a little awkward at first so I downed my first drink pretty fast and the rest of the night passed quickly and was a blur from there filled with lots of laughter, dancing, and plenty of alcohol. BTW, having a table was amazing, and if I ever go to a club again, I only want to go if we have a table. It was like we had our own little stage and it kept the creepers away.

We stayed at 1 Oak until the club closed at 4am and I cannot believe we stayed out that late. I went to bed immediately once we got back to my apartment with my dress and makeup still on and everything! Then around 9am I was woken up to get a hangover IV from my doctor that was scheduled beforehand. I had read about IVs to help re-hydrate people after a long night partying and I was anxious to see if it actually worked, so my amazing friends did me a solid and booked it. My doc included anti-nausea medicine in the IV as well. I still felt like crap afterwards, but considering most of the girls were dead to the world and two of them even threw up that day, I think the IV saved me.

I felt well enough after the IV to want to go out for breakfast, so me and a few of the remaining girls went to Laduree nearby before everyone went their separate ways. I slept pretty much the rest of the day and had the opportunity to catch up more one-on-one  with my bestie Becca that still lives in Michigan which was nice too.

My bachelorette party was an absolute blast and went better than I could have hoped for. Many of my friends had never met prior to that weekend and I was nervous mixing different groups, but everyone got along really well. I really felt the love from everyone and they truly planned the best day for me for which I will be eternally grateful. I also loved the decorations in my apartment spearheaded by Tiffany. They printed out a dozen pictures of “hot men and cats” and put them all over the apartment which also went along nicely with the semi-animal theme including the gold cat ears for everyone and gold sea animal figurines scattered along the dining room table. One of my gifts from Alison and Kelly was a pink frosted cup that said “I’m getting meowied” which was super cute and fit in with the theme too. We all liked it so much that we actually made one of the hashtags for the evening #KaylasGettingMeowied – It was perfect.

I am a lucky girl to have such amazing, smart, beautiful friends who came to celebrate with me 🙂