Wellness Retreat in Nicaragua

Earlier this month, I went on a wellness fitness retreat in Nicaragua through The Taylor Cut. I heard about it from one of my favorite Y7 yoga instructors, Sarah, who led the yoga portion. The founder, Michael, teaches at Barry’s Bootcamp, which is one of my fav workouts, so that in addition to the fact that I trust Sarah and always love her challenging classes, I’d never been to Nicaragua, and the dates of the trip worked with my schedule I thought, “why the hell not?!”.

Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work for Kev though. I was bummed that he wasn’t going with me (I literally had anxiety about it leading up to the trip because I haven’t vacationed without him since we’ve been together for over 8 years.), but it ended up being completely fine. There were nine of us total, including the two instructors. It was a good sized group; it was large enough to not get sick of spending so much time with any one person, but small enough that we all got to get to know one another. No one knew one another prior to the trip, outside of one of the instructors, and we surprisingly all got along very well despite different personalities and being in different stages of life.

For the 5-day trip we stayed at an eco-lodge, Eden on the Chocolata in San Juan del Sur. Eden prepared all of our breakfasts and dinners, all of which were vegetarian and were delicious. I definitely did not go hungry on the trip. I was pleasantly surprised how good and vegetarian-friendly the food is in Nicaragua. What I loved most about Eden though, other than the vegetarian meals, were the family pets who kept us company the entire time. There are two sweet, friendly dogs and two sweet, chill cats who live on the property and were literally always hanging out nearby. It made me feel more at home!

As far as the workouts, every day we did a HIIT workout and yoga. There was a private beach close to Eden, so we did the HIIT workouts there most mornings which I loved. Yoga was held at Eden in an open-walled space overlooking the forest, so we had amazing views throughout practice.

Other than getting two good workouts in each day, we also visited the colossal Christ of the Mercy Jesus Christ statue and explored the town of San Juan del Sur. My personal two favorite activities were surfing at Playa Hermosa and the catamaran cruise. Playa Hermosa is a beautiful beach and was not crowded, so it was perfect for surf lessons. I had never surfed before, so being a part of a group was helpful since we were all learning together and encouraged one another. I had so much fun and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. I even got up a few times! My other favorite was the catamaran cruise that we went on the last day of the trip. It was a perfect activity to conclude the trip. We set off mid-day and had a few hours of boating and then anchored for beach/swim time before heading back and catching a spectacular sunset. I loved that as soon as we set foot on board, we were offered cocktails, and our group essentially had the whole front of the boat to lounge around.

I had such an amazing time on the trip. It went by super fast, and because we had a fairly jam-packed itinerary and enjoyed each other’s company, I hardly thought about work or anything else really. Despite working our butts off exercising, it was actually a mentally restorative trip as well. I also took some good habits back home with me. I’ve started journaling a little every day to get my thoughts and feelings out, I’m continuing to be mindful about being present and spending my time and energy on things that actually matter, and I’m holding myself accountable to small goals (i.e. catch up on writing blog posts, sign up for MasterClass, spend more time reading over mindlessly watching shows, etc.). I may need to make a point of going on a wellness retreat at least once a year from here on out! Cheers~Namaste.