Gaga in Vegas

A few weeks ago at the end of January, I fly to Las Vegas for the weekend with Kevin to meet up with my parents. We were only there for less than 48 hours so we had a jam-packed weekend of activities. Kev and I stayed at the Encore in Wynn because it’s nice but also because we wanted to go to the Encore which is our favorite spa.

We landed in Vegas on Friday night and had one night cap with my parents. We had an appointment at the Encore spa bright and early the next morning. We had an amazing, relaxing time. Not only was the massage great it was also nice having my mom there so I had some company while soaking in the Jacuzzi pool. It was also just as rewarding to see how much my mom enjoyed the whole experience.

My mom hamin’ it up

On Saturday night we saw Lady Gage perform at her Enigma tour. That was the main reason we went to Vegas–I bought my mom the concert tickets as a Christmas/Mother’s Day gift. We were general admission but there were seriously the best standing seats in the house because we were so close. Lady Gaga is such an amazing performer and she’s just as good live as on her album or on TV. I feel especially lucky to have gone to her show on that particular night because Bradley Cooper was there and he went on stage at the end to perform “Shallows” with her!!!

On Sunday morning we slept in, had lunch, then walked around for a bit before Kev and I headed to the airport to fly back to NYC. I’m not a huge fan of Vegas because I’m not a gambler and I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, but it is definitely fun for a weekend. I was there for the right amount of time and it was nice catching up with my parents.

Spring/Summer 2018

Work has been so busy that I’ve been slacking on the blog posts besides our big trips to the Galapagos for me and Kev’s anniversary/my 30th bday, Miami for Memorial Day, and Paris for Independence Day. Therefore, below is a collage with the hodgepodge of fun things I’ve been able to sprinkle in over the past several months and here are the highlights:

  • Broadway Shows including Mean Girls, Come From Away, Girls & Boys (with my fav Carey Mulligan), Lobby Hero (with Michael Cera and Chris Evans), Children of a Lesser God (with Joshua Jackson), and A Band’s Visit.
  • Pop-up experience-The Dream Machine experience in Brooklyn
  • Andy Warhol exhibit in our building
  • Work promotion in June and She Runs It 2018 President’s Award honoree
  • Pop-up experience -Rosé Mansion
  • Summer trip to Michigan including Henry Ford and lake day at Grams
  • Morgan’s Bachelorette Party in Charleston and subsequent wedding
  • Pop-up experience -Candytopia
  • New octopus tattoo by the famous tattoo artist Mr. K at Bang Bang
  • Childish Gambino and Drake concert at MSG
  • Golfing at Crystal Spring Resort during Labor Day weekend
  • Kev working to get pilot’s license and developing his photography skills
  • Finally tried Dominique Ansel cronuts for the first time this summer
  • Exploring Impossible Burger spots like Saxon & Parole and Umami Burger
  • Enjoying Brookfield Place/Battery Park/West Side Highway – many walks/runs in the summer
  • Went to the U.S. vs. Brazil soccer game
  • SF/Berkeley trip where we went to the  René Magritte exhibit at SFMOMA and went to a Cal Bears football game
  • Standard kitten cuddles with the two cutest cats in the world

NY Experiences (Summer/Fall 2017)

I’ve gone to a few cool events over the past several weeks in the city. Here’s a quick recap:

Sam Hunt Concert – Kev and I went to a Sam Hunt concert at MSG in September. I really like his music and he puts on a great show. His voice is just as good in person as on his album.

– I dragged Kev to Brooklyn with me for Refinery29’s 29Rooms. Overall it was a pretty cool experience but it was pretty crowded (and hot) and apparently it was more organized this year than last. Some of my favorite rooms were Dunkin Donuts where they had tasting for three of their new Bakery Series flavors, Dyson where they had a room full of blow dryers and pinwheels, and Ulta who had a small carousel.

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey
– Nat Geo created a cool, immersive, interactive digital experience in Times Square. My favorite part was the maze of mirrors. There was also a cool interactive seal experience using motion sensors to get the seals to turn right or left or flip. My other favorite part was learning about the “Red Devil,” a jumbo squid that lives 200-700m down in the ocean. I can’t wait to go diving again.

Richard Branson TimesTalk
– I’ve been wanting to go to a TimesTalk for a while but was looking for one that I not only was available to attend but to also hear from someone I’m actually interested in, so I jumped at getting a ticket to hear Richard Branson. He is a pretty cool dude and I like how he credits his success to putting smart people in the right places. He also surprisingly hardly uses a cell phone and always brings a notebook to jot down notes during meetings.