Sweet on Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant – 379 Grand St. – New York
No one likes waking up early, especially on the weekend, but this weekend I found myself jumping out of bed after becoming determined to make it to the doughnut shop before the best doughnuts were sold out–but not just for any plain doughnut at any ol’ doughnut shop, for a “”special”” doughnut Doughnut Plant! Finally after four months of phone conversations with my father ending in inquiry if I’ve finally visited the famous doughnut shop that he’s seen featured on the Food Network several times, I made it downtown to get a taste. And let me tell you, the early morning trek out in the cold was definitely worth it.

When I first walked into the doughnut shop I was not impressed. There isn’t anything of note about the shop itself; it is kind of like the dive bar version of a doughnut shop. There isn’t much sitting room and it isn’t nicely furnished–it’s almost empty feeling. Even upon entering the shop I wasn’t wooed by the sweet doughy scent. It was when I laid my eyes on the assortment of doughnuts on display that I knew I had not been mistaken and this was in fact the Doughnut Plant I had heard so much about. And once I took a bite of doughnut I realized why it doesn’t really matter what the interior of Doughnut Plant looks like; people go there for the doughnut itself not to have a pretty place to sit. Also, apparently I had beat the mid-morning rush because it made sense why the place isn’t more furnished as a group of customers crowded together in line leaving little moving room.

Since I had been waiting in anticipation for so many months to try a doughnut from Doughnut Plant, I figured I could be a piggy and order a few different flavors. I ended up ordering a hazelnut, peanut butter & jelly (the one specifically mentioned on “”The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Sweet Tooth”” on Food Network), chocolate and upon suggestion from the doughnut plant employee, a carrot cake doughnut. Surprisingly, I ended up liking the best doughnut I thought I would like the least–the carrot cake doughnut. It was moist and full of flavor yet it wasn’t too overwhelming or sweet. De-lic-ious.

The chocolate doughnut kind of reminded me of a volcano cake the way it had what I would like to call a volcano of liquid cream running through its center. The only doughnut I wasn’t that impressed with is the hazelnut glaze doughnut. I’m sure by other doughnut standards it’s still great, but compared to the flavor of the other ones, the hazelnut didn’t stand out. To top everything off, I ordered a chai which I became just as impressed with as with the doughnuts. After I had my sweet tooth filled and was giddy with a sugar high I skipped off to the train station in contentment.

I recommend any and everyone living in the city to try Doughnut Plant at least once. I personally will be going back to try the other flavors I haven’t yet tasted. Doughnut Plant also offers seasonal flavors that are worth trying out. I’ve heard that their pomegranate doughnut that’s offered around the winter holiday season is amazing. Going to Doughnut Plant and feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to choose from an assortment of flavors and feeling like a little kid excited to try every flavor is certainly a worthwhile experience. I’m already looking forward to my next visit! 🙂

Published by Kayla