Summer ’16

It has been a great summer. For the past few years I’ve traveled more, so this is the first summer in a while that I’ve taken advantage of what the city has to offer in the summer. Sure it’s been hella hot and I immediately start sweating as soon as I walk outside, but I haven’t let the devil’s inferno temperatures from keeping me indoors.

Concerts – What better way to kickstart summer than to see Beyonce perform at Citi Field. I’m ashamed to say that I did not have her new album Lemonade prior to going to the concert, but I can assure you that I bought it as soon as I left because it is great! Beyonce is called Queen Bey for a reason; I love her music and the visual album. She is such a good performer and I respect that she doesn’t lip sync and can actually dance.

I went to another concert recently in August at Madison Square Garden to see Twenty One Pilots. I am a big fan of Twenty One Pilots and have been listening to their music for several weeks ever since I heard Stressed Out. They are starting to become a widely recognized band since their song Heathens was featured in the summer hit movie Suicide Squads. Fortunately for me, my older work peeps have not caught on to how good they are so I got free tickets to the ABC suite in MSG. After seeing Twenty One Pilots perform, I’m an even bigger fan. They were amazing.

NYC Pride Parade – I was a part of Disney’s first year participating in the parade. We didn’t have a float but we had a banner and a ton of balloons. It was a really long day and a lot of standing around, but I’m still glad that I was a part of it and I’m very proud of the company.
Museum of Ice Cream – We all scream for ice cream! Or at least the lucky ones who were quick to buy tickets to the sold out Museum of Ice Cream exhibit in the Meatpacking District. It was held across the street from The Whitney. Anyone who likes ice cream can’t help but love the Museum of Ice Cream. There were six different room. I liked how they set it up with only allowing groups of six in at a time to have a controlled setting and make sure that everyone had enough room to play and explore. The exhibit started with a small cup of the flavor of the week ice cream. It tasted like marshmallow blasted fruit loops and it was so good I’m seriously still thinking about it.

Room 1: Helium-filled sugar balloons and a wall of ice cream cone lights
Room 2: A little history lesson and everyone’s participation in scooping ice cream to add onto the “”world’s largest ice cream cone.””
Room 3: A chocolaty cave with digital screens of liquid chocolate. There was also a chocolate fountain. I thought it would be kind of like chocolate fondue so I literally leaned over and stuck my tongue in it (yup, true story) but unfortunately it was not good tasting like chocolate fondue.
Room 4: Room 4 made up for the previous room with a fake swimming pool filled with fake sprinkles. I was so much fun just chillin in a sprinkle pool. This was my fav part of the exhibit
Room 5: They gave you a mint-sized tablet to suck on that is supposed to make sour things taste sweet. An ice cream cone with a lemon slide magically appears on a wall and then you get to try it. The tablet did truly work and the lemon did taste sweet. It was really cool. While enjoying the ice cream cone the room also has a wall of ice cream art to enjoy. Kev and I had fun with the photo booth app that was in the room.
Room 6: The last room included a seesaw in the shape of an ice cream scooper and a swing set in the shape of an ice cream sandwich.

Street Art – Kev and I have been doing a lot of walking in our hood and surrounding neighborhoods, and we’ve come across a lot of cool street art
Movies – Kev and I normally go to the movies every weekend, but I look forward to it even more in the summer to escape the heat. We’ve also seen some good Independent films recently including Neon Demon and The Model.
Broadway – I’ve wanted to see Cats on Broadway since I was a little girl, so when I heard it was coming back to Broadway I bought tickets well in advance. I bought great seats–we were in the fourth row. The show was not quite what I expected. Kev and I were confused because there doesn’t seem to be a plot and the story line was everywhere. I’m still glad I finally saw it though. The dancing at least was amazing.
We have a little over a month left of summer, so I’m looking forward to other adventures that may arise. Cheers!

Published by Kayla