St. Thomas Trip over Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day, Kevin and I took two extra days off for an extended getaway to St. Thomas. We were mainly looking for a good place to go scuba diving so we chose St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands because it wasn’t a long flight from NYC, airfare and hotels were reasonable, and they have manyscuba diving sites. I have been to St. Thomas before as one of the stops on a cruise, but I’ve never stayed overnight on the island and I never dove there.We stayed at the Secret Harbour Beach resort and it was really nice. We chose Secret Harbour because we were able to get a pretty good deal and it was conveniently close–as in literally right next door–to the company we were going to go scuba diving with, Aqua Action.

We flew to St. Thomas on Friday morning and arrived in the afternoon. After a nice lunch we relaxed a bit before taking the ferry to St. Johns which everyone told us we needed to check out. We got there in time for a beautiful sunset while we had dinner and drinks. The ferry is only about 15 minutes from St. Thomas to St. John so it wasn’t a big deal to just go for the evening.

We had a full Saturday planned with four dives total; two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The coolest things I saw on the dive that day were large lobsters and crabs. Saturday was actually the perfect day to spend a good portion of the day in a wetsuit under water because it was overcast and we wouldn’t have been laying on the beach anyway. Enough though Kev and I split a veggie burger for lunch before our afternoon dives, we were famished by the time we were done with the day. We got a taxi to Red Hook and found a restaurant, XO Bistro, with the most amazing spinach artichoke dip I’ve ever had. It was in a fresh bread bowl and was delicious. After dinner we stopped at another bar, Fish Tails, for drinks.Cruzan is a local rum producer for the U.S. Virgin Islands that every bar there carries and they have every flavor imaginable, so I had fun trying some of the different flavors.

On Sunday we slept in, had breakfast, laid on the beach and swam in the bay for a bit before our afternoon dives. We dove two awesome ships that were sunk after WWII. It was my first time being able to swim through the actual wreck and it was a really cool experience. There was a lot of activity around the wrecks. We saw a large sting ray by seaweed grass in between the wrecks and there were a lot of fish and colorful coral living on the wreck itself. That evening we went into Red Hook again for dinner. We went to Island Time Pub for pizza. The pizza was very good but what was even better was the ginormous frozen blueberry margarita I got that was served in its original bottle called the Borracho.đź‘Ť

On Monday morning we had our last two dives. While the dive sites we went to did not have as much beautiful coral, we saw a few small sharks and a 70-80 year old male Hawksbill turtle which is apparently rare to see. I was so stocked to see the turtle and it was very close to us. Below are the dive sites we went to. We did eight total dives:

Here are some of my favorite videos I took on my GoPro:

Since we were done diving by Monday afternoon, we headed to Charlotte Amaliefor lunch and to do a little shopping afterward. We had lunch at an greatMexican spot, Greengos. Although I didn’t buy anything other an Alex & Ani St. Thomas charm bracelet, I had a lot of fun trying on jewelry from Tiffany’s, David Yurman, and Rolex. I also had a drink at Bones which coincidentally is the one place that stands out in my mind from my last trip to the island about five years ago. Me, my mom, and my dad sat there and enjoyed a beverage. They have several different slushie flavors and you get to pour as much or as little rum in it as you want. Of course I also had to getsome rum cake whichI enjoyed as my dessert that evening. I am now obsessed with rum cake because it was the most delicious, moist rum cake I’ve ever had.

Our flight back to NYC was on Tuesday afternoon so we opted out of a sit down breakfast in order to enjoy a little more time on the beach. I really liked staying at Secret Harbour because even though the beach is public, since it is a little more excluded, it felt like a private beach. I had a blast having the whole bay to myself to just swim around.

I really enjoyed ourtrip to St. Thomas and I’m glad we got to go diving eight times. I was also very pleased with how good the food was. Not only did every place we went to have vegetarian options but the food was also delicious. By the end of our trip, I definitely had my fill of daiquiris and was ready to detox from all of the sugary drinks. I will definitely go back to the Virgin Islands again. Cheers!

Published by Kayla