The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re altogether ooky,
The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum.
When people come to see ’em
They really are a screa-um.
The Addams Family.


can’t believe I have been living in the city for over a year and just saw a Broadway show. BUT,the wait was totally worth it. Not only had I been wanting to see a show for a while, I also had something special to celebrate–my six month anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, Kevin. Wah hoo! We saw The Addams Family musical starring Brooke Shields. Although we were in mezzanine seating (I’m not made of money here people) and I had to put my glasses on to see a little better, they weren’t terrible seats and the show was still incredible.

I was smiling and felt fully engaged throughout the entire show. When I was an adolescent I watched The Addams Family (1991) and TheAddams Family Values (1993) movies with Christina Ricci as Wednesdayseveral times. The Addams Family theme song is also an iconic, recognizable tune. Legendary cartoonist, Charles Addams created the characters in 1933, and the cartoons were eventually turned into a TV series and then into movies. So, as one who is familiar with The Addams Family, I was excited to see how themusical would be. I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed the storyline, the set and the familiar characters. The girl who plays Wednesday, Rachel Potter, has an incredible voice. I also thought all the actors did a great job mimicking the movements characteristic of the Addams Family, like Morticias tiny steps when she walks and the way she positions her hands, and Wednesday’s non-expressive face. Although Shields, who plays Morticia, doesn’t have a great voice, I still think she did afantastic job.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Addams Family Broadway show is about Wednesday who falls in love with a boy, Lucas Beineke,and starts to feel sunny and happy to her parents’ dismay. The Addams family invite theBeinekes to dinner to meet them andthere, each character goes through a little crisis of his/her own. It was a riot. My favorite songs were in Act One–“”When You’re an Addams”” with the whole Addams family and Wednesday & Pugsley’s solo, “”Pulled.””

I can’t say enough good things about The Addams Family musical, and I’m already looking forward to the next show I go to as long as it’s half as good. I feel very fortunate that I was able to see it starring Shields and share the experience with Kevin. What a funsix months it has been!


What They Don't Tell You Before You Graduate

As one who has been out of school and working full-time for over a year now, I think I have some insight into the world of young professionals. Our teachers, advisers, parents and friends have given us advice and have tried their best to prepare us for life in “”the real world,”” and while I thank them for providing as many tools as possible in order to succeed, there are a few things I wish someone would have come clean and warned me about. Below are the 11 things they don't tell you before you graduate:

1. Your employer wants you to stay later than the company's hours of business. It doesn't matter if you're actually doing work or leisurely browsing through different social media messaging with your friends, as long as your employer sees you parked in your seat after hours, you get brownie points in his/her eyes and it shows “”commitment to the company.””

2. When you land your first job out of college, you will be so excited to start working and getting a steady paycheck that you'll eagerly tell your employer that you don't mind working late. Cut to several months into the job and your butt and eyes hurt from constantly sitting and staring at your computer, by the time 5 or 6:00pm rolls around you're ready to bolt out of there. (Unfortunately, this counteracts with #1.)

3. You think that time cannot go slower than when sitting in a classroom full of students listening to a professor's lecture, but then you work Monday-Friday 40+ hours a week and realize that no, time goes much slower when you are confined to the cubicle in the office all day long. You will begin to cherish your 30 minute lunch break (when you actually take one) and feel giddy to get on your feet and walk around outside. Once you begin working in an office you'll start to wish you never complained about the walk to and around campus from your off-campus house.

4. Enjoy being able to roll out of bed several minutes before class because that won't be acceptable once you enter the workplace. You must look put-together at all times.

5. Even if you've been trained a certain way, every colleague you work with will like things

done a little differently. Not only do you need to be knowledgeable in your industry and perform well at work, you also need to have the skills to be able to read your colleagues. Being able to communicate well with other staff members and being able to foresee the things they may want before being asked is almost as significant as your work experience.

6. You will work your butt off and will most likely be underpaid. Colleagues and advisers do warn you in advance that you have to start out at the bottom to get to the top, but it doesn't quite set in until you're actually on your own and realize that one whole paycheck goes to rent and darn, you still have a student loan payment to make too. It's tough, but on the positive side, you learn to budget better. 🙂

7. It's just as important to be involved in groups and clubs after college as it is to get into a good college. Especially if you move to a city without many contacts, you kind of have to start over and join memberships and go to networking events to make new friends and meet potential business partners. (I'm a PRSA-NY member, AWNY member, I'm in two book clubs, and I don't even know if that's enough.)

8. Coming out of college, you almost expect everyone to have basic skill sets that you once had shared with your school peers, but that is not the case. Once you're integrated with several generations in one office, you must take out your patient pants when you see that some colleagues type painfully slow with their two pointer fingers or can't figure out how to put on their own out of office automated reply. In turn, those same people can be very knowledgeable and experienced in other (non-tech related) areas.

9. While working day-in and day-out with the same people, you'll naturally develop friendships with some co-workers. It's important to remain somewhat cautious, and try to keep your verbal filter on at all times.

10. Obviously one is hired based on previous work experience and accomplishments, and most of us know that the majority of internships are unpaid. Parents and advisers will tell you that you can certainly find paid work during summer breaks, but what they either don't tell you or simply don't know is that many of the internships you need under your belt are the unpaid ones, and those unpaid internships are often the golden ticket to get an entry-level job at your ideal company after graduating. The little money you make at that summer paid job may be outweighed later when you have to spend a year gaining experience at one company in order to get an entry-level job at the one you've wanted all along.

12. Not everyone is willing to help. Recruiters and people you thought were your friends will happily exclaim that you sound like a great fit for a particular job and that they will certainly pass along your resume. You will then follow up with them about the opportunity just to never hear from them again. That's rejection, best get used to it in the “”real world.””

11. Even though we have been preparing most of our lives for the big step from school to the workplace, just remember that when you're super stressed and feeling down about work it isn't the end of the world. Of course there will be good and bad days just like we had some good and bad exams.

I felt ready to graduate by May 2010, and while I do feel nostalgic from time to time about my college days, I'm still happy to be at the beginning stage in my career. It's fun and exciting and there are still so many possibilities. Colleges nationwide encourage us to focus on one field for the best chance to get a good job and succeed, but now that I'm out of school I'm realizing that no one should feel “”stuck”” in one particular area. Whatever your major may have been in college, it does not define who you are to be the rest of your life and it certainly doesn't set your career path in stone.


Living for Weekends

The work week is often so busy that I don’t plan any evening activities after I get off work. Living Monday-Friday inside of an office, I often forget that I’m living in the big apple, the “”place where dreams come true”” yadda yadda. It’s the weekends when I have time to explore and unwind after a long day that I realize how lucky I am to be living in this intense, wonderful NYC. These two past weekend I have done some really fun things. Below is a brief overview:

Friday, September 30th

Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park. My friend Luke got free tickets to the concert. It was originally scheduled during the summer, but it was rescheduled due to a thunderstorm. I’m not a huge Black Eyed Peas fan, but it was a lot funner than I had expected. I had heard that Fergie doesn’t vocally perform well live, but I was pleasantly surprised by her voice as well.

Saturday, October 1st

I started the day sleeping in and being lazy in bed until afternoonBikram yoga class. Then I had a delicious vegetarian dinner at Curly’s. The nachos were particularly amazing. It’s definitely one of my new fav vegetarian spots. After dinner my boyfriend and I saw Moneyball. I went mainly because it was a movie my boyfriend really wanted to see, but I ended up enjoying it too.

Sunday, October 2nd

My boyfriend and I had a double date brunch in Brooklyn at Five Leaves. I ordered the Moroccan Scramble which I highly recommend although I was sickly full after eating it all. While we were in Brooklyn, I stopped in my favorite jewelry boutique, Norbu, which sells gorgeous druzzy pieces. Last but not least, my boyfriend and I went to the Tigers v. Yankees playoff game at the Yankees stadium. Even though we were two of few Tigers fans in a stadium full of Yankees, I still had a lot of fun supporting my home team. Yes, we did have our whole section shouting asshole at us, but it was worth it because we won 🙂 (See picture below as a prime example of how popular Kevin and I were in our section.)

Friday, October 7th

After another long week at work, I was looking forward to Friday evening to unwind. I met my boyfriend after work in the Meatpacking District at a place called Sea for a thai dinner. I will definitely be going back for their vegetarian basil duck. So good!

Saturday, October 8th

After breakfast at a trendy brunch spot in my neighborhood, Eatery, my boyfriend and I went to Queens to see the Detroit Disassembled exhibit by Andrew Moore at the Queens Museum. It was a trek, but it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. Being from Michigan, the exhibit felt close to home. I enjoyed the narrative Moore’s photographs told, and I like the idea of nature taking over the city as a part of the process of regrowth. Read more about about Detroit Disassembled here or watch a slideshow with narrative by Moore here.

Not only was it my first time at the Queens Museum but it was also my first time at Flushing Meadows Park to see the unisphere*. We got mister softee ice cream and ate it by the fountain while watching all the families enjoying the day.

In the evening, I met up with a college buddy to watched the Michigan vs. Northwestern football game at one of the Michigan bars in the city, Professor Thoms. At halftime we walked across the street for dinner at an Italian restaurant called John’s and to my surprise they had a whole vegan menu. It was a fun evening, and it didn’t hurt that we won too 🙂

Sunday, October 9th

After early morning Bikram yoga I had brunch at Dim Sum which is a banquet hall-like place that serves a la cart Chinese. It was definitely an interesting experience. I can’t say I’d go again, as the vegetarian options were very limited, but I enjoyed the preview into Chinese culture. After brunch we walked around and browsed through stores before seeing a French film at the Paris Theater–The Women on the 6th Floor. One of my new favorite things to do is to see French films at the Paris Theater, andbecause most people don’t enjoy films with subtitles the theater is never too crowded. The Women on the 6th Floor was really good and I feel lucky to live in a city that has a number of movie theaters that don’t just play mainstream films. Since it was such a nice evening, we were able to walk home. Then we made delicious vegetarian steak fajitas for dinner.

The past two weekends were the perfect combination of adventure

and relaxation. I love living in a city where there is so much going on at any given time. I can honestly say that I’m never bored. We’ll see what these next two weekends in October have in store for me :).

*TheUnisphere, built as the theme symbol for the 1964/1965 World’s Fair, is the main sculptural feature of the [Flushing Meadows] park. (Wikipedia)


The Importance of Networking Events and the Integration of Social Media

Networking seems like a no-brainer when you’re looking to meet new people either in a similar industry or with similar interests. Since moving to NYC a little overa year ago, I’ve become a member of PRSA-NY andAWNY (and two book clubs…don’t judge). With the encouragement of my current employer, I try to go to at least one networking event or conference per week. Especially as one just starting my career, I think it’s important to go to events to make new connections and to have my face be seen so that I will become a recognizable player the in the field. Additionally, the more events I go to in NYC, the city starts to feel less like a big, hectic place full of strangers, and more like a place of opportunity to meet the right people.

An event I attended this week that made me realize how beneficial networking can be to not only make new connections but to also serve as a way to help adjust to city life was a Young Professionals “”TweetUp”” event (#YPNYC). It was a lot of fun. I met several wonderful people in the same industry with similar interests whom I hope to stay in contact with. I found the event on Twitter and I thought it was an interesting concept: using Twitter as the medium to reach out to a certain audience about the event, bringing those people together to meet face-to-face, and then continuing those conversations afterward via Twitter or LinkedIn. Despite the modest size of the event, it was one of the more successful networking event I have gone to. What I’ve also realized (in my long, illustrious career and networking experience 😉 ) is that the size of the turnout of an event does not matter as long as the people in attendance have interesting backgrounds and provide enriching, inviting conversation.

For those who feel too shy to attend an event solo, I recommend trying it not once, not twice, but at least

three times. There’s a good chance that by the third event you attend alone you’ll feel more confident and comfortable entering a room full of strangers. My second piece of advice for those trying to get out there more is toNOT bring a friend along as a crutch. Everyone is there for the same reason, so it’s important to look approachable; people might be more intimidated to join a conversation if it seems like you and your pal are attached at the hip. If you do attend an event with a friend or co-worker, at least split up. I actually prefer going to networking events alone now because I can work a room at my own pace and talk to the people I want to without feeling obligated to stand and talk to the same group as my friend/co-worker.

Being able to develop a relationship with someone by either making an introduction through social media like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or using social media as a way to stay in contact is a powerful networking tool. When I attended the PR News Digital PR Summit, everyone was tweeting about the event using the event hashtag, and from there it was easy to connect with the people attending. The Digital PR Summit was a large event, so social media served as a vehicle to connect people even if they weren’t able to have any face time.

Networking can be a little scary, but all the pros are worth swallowing your fears and overcoming your nervousness. I also keep

telling myself that getting in the habit of frequently introducingmyself and making conversation at networking events will be helpful in my career as I interact with more and more clients. I strongly believe in the 3-touch rule in not only making an impression on potential business partners but also when making new friends to meet up with outside of events, and think social networks have become very useful mediums to continue the extension of that reach.


Monday Night in the City

“”It [Monday] is a great way to wrap up the end of what most consider to be the worst day of the week.””

One of the many reasons I love NYC is the opportunity to go to a new restaurant or bar every night should you wish. On Monday evening I was going to meet a friend at the Ace Hotel bar for a drink but decided on John Dory‰غھs Oyster Bar on the corner of 39th and Broadway instead. Since we only wanted a drink, we sat at the bar. John Dory has a pretty good cocktail menu and I picked an interesting but good concoction to try. What I also like about John Dory's are the two round fish tanks hanging from each side of the bar. It was cool seeing all of the pretty fish while chatting with my friend‰غسthere were many little nemos swimming around in the tanks.

After a drink my friend and I were hungry for dinner, but since I don‰غھt eat seafood, we went to the

Crooked Knife nearby on 30th and Madison. It was a vastly different change of scenery. The

John Dory in the Ace Hotel is a fairly trendy spot and the place is brightly lit. Crooked Knife on the other hand is more laid back and provides a dimly lit dinner setting. They also have festive holiday decorations up.

For dinner at the Crooked Knife I had the Glazed Potato Gnocchi with wild mushroom, white truffle oil, asparagus and Parmesan. I am a huge fan of gnocchi but I‰غھm very picky, and I think that the gnocchi at the Crooked Knife is the best I have ever had. The portion size is also large so I was able to have leftovers for the next day.

I rarely go out on Monday nights unless it‰غھs for a networking event. I was worried it was going to be packed wherever we went on Monday because it was Halloween night, but it wasn‰غھt too crowded at John Dory‰غھs or Crooked Knife and we were seated immediately. I might have to make it a point to meet up with friends on Mondays more often. It is a great way to wrap up the end of what most consider to be the worst day of the week. Cheers, NYC.


Phantom of the Opera and Other Weekend Fun

Another great weekend in the city: fall is here, the air is crisp, the red Starbucks holiday cups are out and Christmas decorations are starting to go up all over the city. I am thrilled and I feel the joy in the air. I had a jam-packed weekend full of fun. Here are the highlights of my weekend:


I met Kevin downtown at Sea for Thai dinner Kept true to my promise about going back.). It’s the best vegetarian spicy basil duck in Meatpacking District NYC. After dinner we saw Puss in Boots in 3D. After seeing the trailer and ads plastered all over the city, Kevin and I were secretly really excited to see it. Even though we were pretty much the only people over the age of 21 without kids watching the movie, we still really enjoyed it. Having grown up with two cats, I got a kick out of all the “”cat mannerisms”” that were incorporated throughout the film (like chasing and pouncing on shiny objects, the “”litter box dance”” in which a cat kicks up its feet to cover it’s excrement in the litter box, the way it laps up its milk and the way it licks its paws to clean the fur on its head). Embarrassing as this is to admit, I would probably even see it again when it comes out on DVD. The movie also made me want a cat even more than I did before I saw it.

On Saturday Kevin and I met up with our friends for brunch downtown at Cupping Room Cafe. I ordered the Middle Eastern Platter Salad (came with babaganoush, hummus, chopped marinated vegetables and pita), and it was amazing. Cupping Room Cafe seems like a popular brunch spot and I would definitely like to go

back for the Middle Eastern Platter Salad.

After brunch I hopped from one social engagement to the next. I met a friend at a vegan chocolate shop in Chelsea, Cocoa V for a cup of tea. Had I not just had brunch before going I would have ordered one of the vegan cupcakes too, but I decided not to be a glutton.

Walking back from tea time on 21st Street between 8th & 9th Avenue I looked up and saw this amazing piece of art on the side of a building. It made me smile. These are the kind of things that make NYC even more of a special place.

by HK Restaurant dozens of times either on my way to work or on my way to Kevin’s apartment. I had been wanting to try it out because it seemed like a trendy little spot, so when I saw it listed on, I bought a deal to try it out. The vegetarian lasagna was quite tasty and they have decent happy hour specials. HK Restaurant is appealing to me because 1) it seems like a little gem of a place in an area of Hell’s Kitchen that isn’t the nicest 2) the location is convenient for me 3) glass garage doors serve as a wall on one whole side of the restaurant, giving it character and an easily open-able area to dine outside during the summer.

After dinner Kevin surprised me with tickets to see Phantom of the Opera. I saw Phantom of the Opera in Toronto when I was in my early teens, but I was excited to see it again and share the experience with Kevin. Plus, it was fun just having an occasion to get all dressed up for. I enjoyed the show and the Phantom of the Opera theme song stuck in my head long after the show was over. (Full disclosure: Although Phantom of the Opera is wonderful, is the longest running show on Broadway and won 7 Tony awards,


On Sunday I was able to sleep in and lay in bed watching the NYC Marathon on TV before getting ready to meet up with a friend for brunch. Watching the marathon runners on TV was very inspiring and I hope to get back into running and perhaps even run in a marathon myself someday.

For brunch I met my friend downtown at South’s Bar. Luckily it wasn’t crowded at all and the brunch was delicious. Some of the seats in the restaurant were old leather theater seats which added a bit of charm to the experience.

After running errands the rest of the day, Kevin and I met one of his friends for drinks at Death & Co. on the Lower East Side. Death & Co. is bar with a speakeasy feel. There are no windows and two large heavy wooden doors make the entrance. Most importantly, they make delicious quality cocktails. The cocktails I ordered had an aftertaste that presented a whole other ingredient I didn’t taste on the initial sip. It made me want to savor the drink. In addition to the drinks, we ordered a few tapas that were also delicious–the Truffle Mac n Cheese and Wild Mushroom Tart bites. What is also notable about Death & Co. other than the quality ingredients used in each cocktail is the presentation of not only the drinks with their individual decor but also the presentation of the tapas. The Truffle Mac n Cheese was presented on little individual silver spoons to make for the perfect bite-full. I will definitely be going back.

Los Angeles Weekend Work/Fun Trip

My work sent me to Los Angeles this past weekend for a project one of my clients was participating in. I’ve flown into LA a few times, but haven’t spent actual time sightseeing. Although I didn’t have time to do much sightseeing this trip either, I was looking forward to being on-site for the work project as well as meeting up with a few friends while I was in town.


I took a flight out on Saturday morning and one of my good friends from college at The University of Michigan, Katie, picked me up from the airport. We had lunch and delicious macaroons at Lepicerie. It was great to see my friend and to catch up.
Later that evening I was supposed to meet up with another friend for a drink, but since I had been traveling for most of the day and was still on Eastern time, I bailed last minute because I was too tired. I stayed at Sheraton Universal in Universal City which is a pretty nice hotel. It was weird having a large room all by myself especially since the hotel room was larger than my own room in my apartment in New York.


So, I kind of have a phobia of eating by myself. I was starving by Sunday morning because I skipped dinner, so at 7am I ventured to the downstairs lobby and picked up a coffee and a few things to snack on. I contemplated eating it at an open nearby table but quickly decided that since I was by myself, I’d feel much more comfortable eating it in my room with the TV on…I realize this is something I need to work on if I continue to travel alone in the future.

At 10am I headed over to HD Vision Broadcast Studios for our co-op Satellite Media Tour rehearsal. After rehearsal my best friend Ashley who lives in San Diego drove up to hang out with me for the rest of the day. We had lunch at Hugo’s in North

Hollywood and then stumbled upon a delicious dessert spot called Xtreme Desserts. They have cookie sandwiches filled with frosting–delicious! The Red Velvet Cookie was ridiculously good. I’m kind of bummed that they don’t have a NYC location because I’d be a loyal customer.

With our bellies full we headed to Santa Monica to take a stroll through the promenade. We browsed through shops for a while until we settled down at an outside table to enjoy a cocktail. What I found charming were the dozen or so people salsa dancing close by. It was entertaining to watch them dance while having a drink and catching up. It made me want to enroll in dancing classes because it looked like the dancers were having a great time and many people who were walking by stopped to watch for a few minutes and you could see them swaying or taping their foot along to the music as well. It was a wonderful evening.


Monday morning was the day of

the tour, so I was at the studio by 3am. I felt like I hadn’t slept the night before and was tired all day, but the day surprisingly went by pretty fast and the tour went pretty smoothly. (A picture from the set is below!) In addition, I was able to get onto a slightly earlier flight so I landed in NYC at 10pm opposed to 12am.

It was a jam-packed weekend with very little sleep, but I had a great time in Los Angeles. I’m so glad I got to see a few friends and I hope to visit again. (Although, NYC is still my favorite city ;-))


Food Review: Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy

After traveling 4,800+ miles in less than 72 hours for, the next day, Tuesday night, my boyfriend and I made plans to have a nice dinner. We‰غھre both vegetarians and I had heard good things from a friend and read good reviews on Yelp about Dirt Candy, so we made reservations. I was surprised we were able to get in the same day I made the reservations because I had heard that you often have to book two weeks in advance since it‰غھs a very small restaurant with only eight tables or so, but maybe it was because it was a Tuesday night or we just lucked out.

Having read several reviews beforehand, I walked into Dirt Candy with high expectations. Most of the reviews exclaim that the Jalapeno Hush Puppies snack is a must try, so we ordered those and for the main course I got the Chard (chard gnocchi, grilled chard, garlic granola & drunken fig jam) and Kevin ordered the Cucumber (coconut poached tofu, shiso, galangal sauce, salsify & hearts of palm. Overall, I was not impressed.

Although the presentation of the entrees is good, I do not think the food lives up to the reputation of its reviews. I like that the Chard has a different spin to a gnocchi dish combining different textures like with the granola and adding some sweetness to a usual savory dish, but despite all of the different textures and ingredients used, it still tastes somewhat bland. I also had a bite of the Cucumber dish. Again, as with the dish’s grand presentation, I was expecting it to have just as big flavor. The Cucumber was even more bland than the Chard, and while I liked that the Cucumber dish was light and fresh tasting, the Chard dish at least was able to somewhat appease my palate by introducing it to a few different textures at once.

Additionally, although I was warned in the reviews that the restaurant is very small and the tables are practically on top of one another, I wasn’t expecting that my boyfriend and I would have to practically yell across the table from one another to be heard.

Am I happy I finally got to try out Dirt Candy? Absolutely, I‰غھd love to try all of

the vegetarian/vegan restaurants in NYC. Would I go back though? Probably not.


NYC Crafted Cocktails

After reading Time Out New York’s last issue featuring dozens of recommended spots for a quality cocktail in NYC, I’ve been looking forward to trying some of the places.

Last Wednesday my girlfriend Fernanda and I went to The Tippler. “”Tucked beneath New York’s celebrated Chelsea Market, the Tippler inhabits a historic space that has not been revealed to the public in over 100 years.”” I was not expecting the venue to be as large as it is and it’s interesting that their seating is free for all, but we were able to snag a seat relatively quickly. I had two drinks while I was there, the Booty Collins and the Top Cat. The Top Cat was average, but the Booty Collins was amazing. The ingredients in the Booty Collins are: gunpowder tea-infused Belvedere vodka, passionfruit, lemon, yohimbe, cayenne. The cayenne kick at the end made the drink. I plan on going back to The Tippler simply for the Booty Collins. My only semi-complaint is that in addition to seating being a little difficult to find if it’s busy (which I was surprised that it was as busy as it was on a Wednesday night), it was also loud and difficult to hear my friend talking across the table.


the week before I had drinks at another bar that had made the list, Death & Company. You can read about it. To sum it up though, while the cocktails were delicious, part of what made the experience so great was the ambiance–large wooden doors, no windows, and dim lighting.

Last week I also visited Lantern’s Keep “”…nestled deep inside the Iroquois Hotel walls. Not a bar, not a lounge or a lobby, this hidden gem is an entity all to itself. A salon devoted to the art and enjoyment of great cocktails.

This secretive salon is already luring cocktail aficionados in and transporting them back to a turn of the century Parisian salon.”” I tried the Late Night Reviver with gin, lime juice, ginger syrup, fernet branca and club soda. The space is quaint and they do prepare quality cocktails, but it wasn’t my favorite. While I was able to sit down and have a conversation with my friend without having to shout across the table, I wasn’t feeling the spot as much as Death & Co. or The Tippler.

Besides The Tippler, Lantern’s Keep and Death & Co., other bars that I’ve been to over the past year that I’m also a big fan of are:

Milk and Honey – a speakeasy feel kind of bar in the LES with trendy and tasty cocktails. It’s a good place to have a well-made drink while catching up with friends.

PDT–It’s called Please Don’t Tell for a reason 😉

Raines Law Room – What makes this an exceptional speakeasy in NYC is the unmarked building with old school wallpaper, plush velvet seating and actual buzzers to pull on the wall to summon the waitress, not to mention the good cocktails.

I love when a bar can make the evening feel sexy and seductive. Some of the speakeasy-esque bars with the dim lightening and old school, classic ambiance make it feel more fun and fitting to be drinking such carefully crafted cocktails. Discovering exciting bars such as these are part of why I enjoy living in NYC so much.


Happy Thanksgiving 2011!!

So much has changed from my blog post last Thanksgiving in NYC.I have even more to be thankful for this year, and I'm very happy living in NYC. Check out my Thanksgiving video here:

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Brief recap of what I'm thankful for this year:

1. My supportive, loving family and friends

2. My amazing boyfriend who also doubles as my best friend and “”activity partner”” who I have a ton of fun exploring the city


3. Being able to live and work in NYC. I LOVE living here. Over the past year I have also felt more integrated in city life by joining different clubs and organizations including book club, New York

Cares volunteering, Public Relations Society of American (PRSA), and Advertising Women of New York (AWNY)

4. Learning valuable things at my job at D S Simon Productions and taking it along with me as I begin the next chapter in my career in digital advertising at CBS.

Although I would love to be back home in MI spending Thanksgiving with the family, I'm still looking forward to [Kevin cooking] a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner and spending it with with another special person in my life. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!