On My Radar

I've been keeping my eyes keenly attuned to the trends this Fall. And I like what I've been seeing. Here are some things that I think are hot right now:

  • Sheer tops – If done right, a black sheer top revealing a black bra underneath can be really sexy. Wearing a bright colored bra would be crossing the thin line into trashy territory though, so be sure to keep it as classy as possible. This top on the left from Urban Outfitters is my ideal pick.
  • Nails with a little flair – You don't want anything too tacky, but it's acceptable to do a little experimenting with nail color. On InStyle.com, they suggested white nails with a grey shimmer color on the index finger.
  • Fur – I'm

    sure Peta is just thrilled about this, but fur is really in this season. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I have to admit that there are some styles I like, one being the fur vest on the right from Express(as long as it's faux fur, right?). This may also be a style that is a little tricky for some to pull off. The problem with furry fur is that it may make you look like you're larger than you actually are, and obviously no girl wants that.

  • Lace – Sexy. Enough said.
  • Over-the-Knee Boots – If done right, you won't look like a hooker. I wouldn't suggest wearing 4″” over-the-knee boots with a tight, scandalous skirt or dress because chances are you will be cat-called. I think the boots with no heel or about 2″” heels could dress up a pair of jeans and cute top.
  • Grey and Olive – These two colors are very popular this season. Olive is also one of those colors that happens to look good on almost everyone.
  • Sequins – Skirts, shirts, tank tops, sweaters and scarves, sequins are appearing on all articles of clothing this Fall. I like it because it can dress up something that would ordinarily look a little bland. Here is a skirt from J.Crew that I really like. I would be able to wear it to work or for a night out in the city.

  • Plaid – Yup, it's still in! I'm surprised about this too. Can't say I'm too disappointed though. It's comfy and it makes me feel like I can fit in the hipster crowd 😉

Fall Fall Fall, such a wonderful time of the year. I'm so excited to start layering up!

Published by klafata