Now That’s Rad – Katy Perry Nail Polish

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Yes, I did just use the word Rad. Rad with a capital “”R”” in fact. In my Ulta Cosmetics catalog I came across an ad for Katy Perry's new nail polish collection with OPI which includes a top coat called Shatter. Shatter is black polish that does not dry like normal polish, it cracks allowing the color polish underneath show through. Of course, being the nail lacquer connoisseur that I am, I had to try it out for myself.

I wasn't sure what to expect and I wasn't sure if it would even look how it did in the pictures, but I figured since OPI is such a well-known brand that I personally use frequently I might as well try Shatter out for myself. First, I put on my delicious scented Revlon polish in a vibrant purple color, Grape Icy, then I applied one coat of the OPI shatter. I had to paint quickly because the Shatter paint dries even quicker on the nail than regular polish. I got to see the results in a matter of seconds, and it was really neat. Not one nail looks exactly like another, but it's fun and edgy, and I love it. Below is a picture of my actual nails.

Katy Perry's OPI Shatter Nail Polish Verdict

Have I mentioned just how much I adore the web? Prior to the release of the Katy Perry, Serena Williams, and Shatter Black nail polishes from OPI, we're already capable of seeing what they resemble on. For anybody who's ever bought a pretty nail polish and came home to only discover that the nail polish looked absolutely nothing like it did inside of a bottle, this review is for you. From a glitter-filled pink to an iridescent gunmetal, the new Katy Pery Opi Shatter colors are all excellent and exciting. My pick? The black OPI shatter-effect nail polish that leaves these geometric blotches of crackled black polish that, when layered on top of an additional polish, make your nails appear to be

some Lisa Frank lizard.

You heard it here, folks, it actually works. So if you're looking for something to spice up your nails or to put a spin on the traditional black nail color, check out OPI Nail Lacquer BLACK SHATTER – Katy Perry Collection.

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