No Strings Attached Tied to Study Results

Iwasn't really expecting much from No Strings Attached after being disappointedwith thelasttwo romantic comedies Isaw at the theater–Knight & Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz and The Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. I

figured a movie starring A-list actors would guarantee it be at least decent, but I was definitely wrong with those two. I was pleasantly surprised with No Strings Attached though. Kutcher redeemed himself in my eyes afterthe flopof The Killers. IthinkNo Strings Attachedis hilarious. It was also nice seeing Natalie Portman playing an independent, confident character after her role in Black Swan. I thinkshe and Kutcher have great on-screen chemistry.

I also loved thetheme of the movie about modern day relationships and “”friends with benefits””/casual hookups. I felt like it was a long time coming. What I found interesting is that thefriends with benefits relationship between Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) in No Strings Attached depicts many of the findingsin a recent study released by

I had the opportunity to hear Biological Anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher discuss her findings obtained throughsurveys conducted on the online dating site, in a special Valentine's Day themed “”Singles in America”” segment (booked & produced by the Broadcast PR firm I work for. Cool, I know ; ) It is the largest and most comprehensive nationally-representative study of single men and women ever done to date, and it dispels long-held beliefs about singles in America. There are several findings in the study that are analogous to Adam and Emma's relationship in No Strings Attached.

Below are some of the findings:

  1. Men are quicker to fall in love, more likely to want children
  2. Women want more independence in their relationships than men do
  3. Hook-ups and one night stands can turn into partnerships: 35% have had a one-night stand that turned into a long term partnership.
  4. Fidelity is a must. 69% of singles regard fidelity as a must have; in the case of 46% of the singles, either one or both partners have been unfaithful and 78% of these broke up after the discovery.

In No Strings Attached, Adam tells Emma that he loves her first, he wants to take her out on dates, and he wants to be exclusive. Emma is very resistant to this. Before she and Adam even start their sexcapades she makes it clear to him that she's extremely busy with work, often getting home from her hospital shift very late at night and she doesn't want to deal with the drama of a relationship; she wants things to be simple by keeping it purely sexual. But as number three suggests, it's often hard to turn off your emotions during intimate moments, and Adam and Emma eventually become more attached than they'd planned.

Finally, after Emma tells Adam that they're getting too close and “”coupley”” (they had fallen asleep snuggling together with their clothes ON (haha)) she insists that he sleep with another girl. She quickly regretsthis though and rushes back to Adam to make sure he only spends the night with her, thusforeshadowing what's to become of their friends with benefits relationship.If two people can't stand the thought of the other being with someone else, they end up in a monogamous, committed relationship.

I foundmany correlations between the results and No Strings Attached, making the movie seem not so fictional after all. It very much relates to the relationships anddating dilemmas of today. As women are becoming more and more independent and feel less pressure to marry and have kids, they often place more focus on their careers. and No Strings Attached bothindicate that it is possible to have a successful career and a healthy relationship.

NoStrings Attached isone of the better romantic comedies I've seen in a long time.Ihighly recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, feel-good movie. It's not overly corny either which is a huge plus in my book. Finally, what I've decidedafter listening to Dr. Fisher is that online dating should no longer be considered taboo, especially in this day and age. She encourages everyone to go out on dates and, since 35% of men and women have fallen in love with someone they were not initially attracted to and71% became smitten after having great conversations or finding shared interests, to actually give people a chance by going ona second date with that someone you're on the fence about.


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