My Style According to Madewell

I love J.Crew, so when I received one of their daily emails about checking out a new clothing website with a J.Crewesque flair,, I decided to check it out. I entered a Madewell shopping spree contest (cross my fingers that I win ;), and at the end I filled out a brief questionnaire that told me my style based on my answers. Apparently my style is “”Understated Glam.”” It said,

“”Your keen eye and cool aesthetic define your elegantly edgy style. And when it comes to denim you're all about simple and sleek, so try a pair of our skinny ankle jeans – they're super-slim and perfectly streamlined.””
I suppose I can concur with that answer. I like to take smart risks with my outfits, meaning I go for the dernier cri, but I find the line between stylish and faddish so that I don't waste my money buying something I think that is really hip at the time but then can't wear a few months later when it goes out of style.
After doing some browsing online I decided to do some in-store browsing. I hit up the J.Crew in a nearby outlet mall, and I had so much fun shopping by myself! They had a super sweet sale going on too, which made my shopping even more pleasant. I bought a peach-colored sequined tank top with a matching white and peach stripped light-weight sweater (perfect for a breezy summer night) as well as a cute work skirt and a cotton multicolored scarf all for $100! If that isn't bargain shopping then I don't know what is. Ahh yes, I love my J.Crew style. Although is somewhat similar, I have a feeling that I'm going to remain a loyal customer to clothes supporting the J.Crew tag.


Published by klafata