My First Time in San Francisco: Part I

When my boyfriend Kevin offered to use his frequent flyer miles to fly me out with himto San Francisco with him for a long weekend, I immediately said yes. Not only have I never been to San Francisco but I was also looking for a chance for a little getaway with my significant other. Of course I have seen the Californian city in movies and people have told me about it, but it‰غھs never the same as experiencing it yourself. Although, I was told that this past weekend I was visiting wasn't a true representation of San Franciscan weather. While it is normally very foggy, a little dreary, and a little chilly, especiallyinthe evening, the weather when I was in town was in the high 70s with little fog. It was gorgeous, and I really lucked out. Since my boyfriend is a San Franciscan native, one thing we didn't have to worry about was spending time looking up directions and navigating to the next destination.


We fly out Thursday evening, so we didn't get to San Francisco until early Friday morning. For the first night, Kevin booked a room at the InterContinentalMark Hopkins Hotel. We were deliriously tired, so after ordering room service we passed out, but in the morning I was able to fully admire and appreciate the 4.5 star hotel at which we were staying, “”a historic San Francisco landmark situated at the crest of famed Nob Hill and at the intersection of three cable car lines.””

My favorite part of the room was the huge bathroom with a large tub. For breakfast, we went to the Top of the Mark for the exquisite panoramic view. The buffet-style brunch

wasn't the best, but the view certainly made up for it. I took some great pictures of from our table overlooking the city.

After breakfast, Kevin and I picked up a dozen cupcakes from Kara‰غھs Cupcakes and SusieCakes Bakery to take to Kevin‰غھs colleagues (Unfortunately, since I wanted to make a good first impression and not seem like a fatass, I held off on my taste test to determine whichcupcakes werebetter). I was able to briefly meet some of his West coast co-workers and check out the office. Their San Francisco office is also conveniently close to the Giant‰غھs stadium, so Kevin also walked me down the street to check it out. We then drove around and I got to take in some more great views.

For dinner that evening we were going to eat at the vegetarian restaurant Greens, bit off the Grid was happening nearby so we were lured in. Off the Grid in Fort Mason isa roaming mobile food extravaganza bringing togetherdozens of food trucks offering different kinds of food. Kevin and I had a lot of fun sampling food from several different trucks including: garlic noodles, empanadas, vegetarian potstickers, and an eggplant taco. There was also live music. I was happy we stumbled upon Off the Grid rather than go to a standard vegetarian restaurant because it‰غھs not something we've done before. I had a good time just walking around to each truck to check out their menu to then decide what I wanted to try most.

Since we turned in early on Friday night and I was still on Eastern time, I woke up early and Kevin and I had breakfast at Mel‰غھs Diner at about 6:30am PST. After a delicious breakfast we took a little siesta before meeting up with one of Kevin‰غھs friends for a hiking adventure. We ended up going to Phoenix Reservoir where we hiked for a few miles and had a picnic lunch by the water. It was the perfect day to go hiking because it was hot and sunny. On the way to the hiking spot, I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. I also got to see Crissy Field which isa park that used to be an airfield where people run around, play sports or bring their dog to play. It seems very peaceful and active and the view of the Golden Gate Bridge standing on Crissy Field is incredible as you can see in the pictures below.

For dinner, Kevin and I had the chance to visit with his aunt and have a little pizza party. The view of the city from her deck was amazing. One thing I really like about San Francisco is all the beautiful views even when you‰غھd least expect it. San Francisco in itselfis picturesque.

Stay tuned for the my next post on the rest of my adventures in San Francisco.

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