Memorial Day Weekend 2015

For Memorial Day weekend this year, Kevin rented a car from the Classic Car Club that he has a membership at (a little BMW Z4 M convertible to be exact) and we drove upstate.

The first night we stayed at the Overlook Lodge at Bear Mountain. I had a half day of work on Friday so Kev and I were able to get out of the city by a decent hour to drive the hour and a half to Bear Mountain. We got settled in and took a nice walk along the little lake there to have dinner at the restaurant in the Inn. After dinner we called it an early night so we could get up relatively early to have breakfast, check out of our room, and start our hike. Kev and I hiked the Major Welch trail that we hiked three years before.

Kev and crushed the hike and finished it in record time. I was dripping sweat but we had a lot of fun and the hike was kind of therapeutic. I was finally able to let go and not think about work for a while. It also felt great to be active outside.

After our hike Kevin and I drove another hour and a half to Woodstock. We stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast right in town on Tinker Street, The Village Green. After showering we walked across the street to Joshua’s Cafe for a delicious vegetarian linner (lunch/dinner). Woodstock is a pretty charming place. I had never been to Woodstock before, but as we got closer as we were zipping around curved roads that were lined with trees, I felt excited and very content. Maybe it was something in the air. It was fresh air. It also had me feeling a little nostalgic for Michigan.

On Sunday Kevin and I woke up early to drive to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I am SO happy we went, I had such a good time. We took a tour of the sanctuary and got to hear more about the animals there. I hung out with chickens, some chubbygoats that followed us throughout the tour eating the whole time, some blind horses, horses with eyesight, ducks, pigs, a donkey, and roosters. Most of the animals formerly had hard, neglected lives, so it was nice to see them all outside and happily roaming around. I definitely want to go back and volunteer for a day. While we were there I also got a chance to meet Kathy Stevens, Founder and President of the Sanctuary. We got to talk to her for a few minutes and we even left with too of her published books,Where the Blind Horse Sings and Animal Camp.

After spending the morning at the animal sanctuary, Kev and I had a vegetarian lunch at a nearby town before setting off on another hike. We hiked Overlook Mountain in Woodstock. This hike was very different from the Bear Mountain hike, but we still enjoyed it. Unlike with the Major Welch trail that had narrow paths and you are surrounded by trees the whole time, the Overlook Mountain trail was more like a dirt road. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hiking–in fact, half of the hike is a steep incline up the mountain–but it’s not the kind of terrain I would normally imagine when thinking of a hike. Once we got closer to the top, it was worth it though. The trail leads to an abandoned hotel, Mountain House which is eerie and beautiful at the same time (more of the history here). At the very top of the hike is an overlook tower with a pretty cool view of the Catskill mountains. I didn’t think I was afraid of heights until we started climbing the tower when we were already at the top of a mountain. With the wind blowing it was actually pretty scary–more chilling than the hotel ruins 😉

Kevin and I had a really great weekend together being active outdoors and experiencing new places. We headed back to the city on Memorial Day morning feeling refreshed and content. I’m glad that we stayed in New York and got to see what the state has to offer other than the amazing city we live in. I’m looking forward to another trip like that.

Published by Kayla