Meet Pants

On October 8, 2012 Kevin and I brought home our baby kitten, Pants. It was love at first sight. He was a tiny furball when we picked him up in Pennsylvania on a drizzly night after work. I knew he was going to be perfect when he layed patiently in my lap purring the entire three hour ride back to NYC.

Since that night, Pants has brought nothing but joy into our lives. Pants has so much personality. He is constantly looking cute as a button or doing funny things that make me smile. When he is hyper he gets into everything–boxes, bags, you name it. His favorite place to lay is on top of my shoes lined up along the window. He has a weird infatuation with water and has no problem getting himself all wet except when it's actual bath time.He's my little companion and followes me everywhere.

Pants is only aboutfour months old, and we've only had him a little over a month, but he has grown

a lot in the short amount of time we've had him. I don't love him any less though. If anything, I love him more every day because of his funny personality. Well that's enough gushing for now. Below are just a few of the manyphotos I've already taken of Pants.

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