Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2013

Last Friday Kevin and I went to the third annual Manhattan Cocktail Classic at the New York Public Library. Being Kevin and my third Cocktail Classic as well, I kind of felt like a veteran. Ihad no problem just having a sip or two of a drink and setting it down if I didn't like it that much. I think I also covered more ground that way. I wasn't as concerned with the cocktails that were being served even though that's kind of the point of the event; I wasmore so interested in the little details of the event which in my opinion, is what makes the Manhattan Cocktails Classic gala special and unique.

For example, there are all sorts of fun, quirky things that make you feel like you're almost at a carnival except classier. It's the little, well-thought out details that make the gala into a sort of adventure. There was a couple dancing on stilts, there was a woman whose skirt was a table covered in chocolates, there was a bookshelf with plates of mini breadmorals, there was a corner of a hallway filled with umbrellas full of small bags of popcorn, and much much more. It's easy to miss all these things if you have a one-track mind of getting schwasted. Instead, I had fun simply wandering around and taking in everything.

My other favorite part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic gala

is getting dressed up for it. It was also perfect timing because I recently sawThe Great Gatsbyat the movie theater, so I was in the 1920's spirit. I wore a sequins dress with fringe on the bottom that reminded me of a flapper. I also wore a big feather head piece.

Kevin and I had a great night. I'm looking forward to the next Manhattan Cocktail Classic!