Independence Day Weekend 2016

For Independence Day weekend, Kev and I rented a car and headed upstate. On Friday night we stayed in New Paltz. We got there in the late afternoon and after a quick catnap we got some ice cream (at Dairy Queen, my fav) before going to the movies. Then we called it a night to get some rest for a full Saturday. On Saturday morning after having breakfast in our little Airbnb, we hit the road to go hiking. I had originally wanted to stay at the Mohonk Mountain House but it was pretty expensive so that’s why we ended up going with a place on Airbnb that was half the price, but I still really wanted to check it out. We drove to Mohonk Mountain House in the hopes of seeing the place and maybe getting a little tour but they are strict on outside visitors and we could only see the ground if we bought a day pass. Since we had other hiking plans, we passed, but I would definitely like to stay there sometime. We went hiking at Minnewaska State Park. The trail we choose was 7 miles long. It was abeautiful day and a great day to go hiking. It felt good to be out in nature and spend some one-on-one time with Kevin.

After our hike we hit the road and continued North to Hudson. We stayed at another Airbnb spot but this one was a lot different than the one in New Paltz. It was literally in the middle of a cemetery and the decor was Asian inspired. The place is owned by an artist, so the room was very eclectic but I liked staying in a cool and different space. The owner also has three pet cockatoos which I got to hang out with for a bit. They were very sweet, beautiful birds. The rest of Saturday evening was chill. We walked into town and had a few drinks at Mexican Radio before calling it a night.

On Sunday morning after going back into town to have breakfast, we drove the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Kev and I visited the Catskill Animal Sanctuary almost a full year ago, so I figured it would be nice to see the animals again while we were in the area. The sanctuary seems to be doing very well. It was another beautiful day and it was nice to see so many families there for tours. There were many new animals since the last time I visited, so it felt like a different tour. I got to feed some sheep and turkeys, rub a pig’s belly, and even hold a Muscovy duck. It was awesome.

Afterwards Kev and I went to the movies to see The Shallows. Then we tried finding another local hiking spot but the GPS and service was very spotty where we were and we couldn’t find the spot so we gave up driving around. We headed back into town where we enjoyed a vegan pizza at a local spot. Then we read and relaxed for the rest of the evening before waking up early on Monday morning to beat the 4th of July traffic. We made great time and were able to enjoy the day back in the city.

Overall, it was a nice trip and I enjoyed getting out of the city for a few days. One of my favorite parts of the trip was staying at a place in the middle of the cemetery. I surprisingly wasn’t freaked out. Kevin on the other hand was not pleased with me when I made him walk through the middle of the cemetery in the dark after getting drinks on Saturday night. tehe 🙂

Published by Kayla