I’m Baaaaaack!

I’m baaaack! After taking a break from writing for about three months, I’m ready to dive back into things. Everyone needs a break sometimes to reflect, rejuvenate, and come back with new ideas. This time around, not only did I take a break from writing to

invest more time doing other things, I also took a full week off from my full-time job to go cruise around the Caribbean with my parents. And I uh…snagged myself a boyfriend along the way. Crazy how much things can change in a relatively short period of time.

Although I feel a little guilty about letting my blog collect somevirtual dust, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. In addition to all the changes and running around in the past three months, my whole life hasessentiallychanged in the past year, and I don’t think I’ve had a chance to really sit back and look at where I’ve come. Graduating after busting my ass through college being a dedicated student and intern, moving to the city hardly knowing anyone, starting my first “”real”” job out of college, livingoutside of Michiganand away from any family members for the first time in my 23 years of living. Those are a lot of changes, and I think I should finally give myself a little credit.

But now with renewed vigor, I’m ready to sprint back into things. I’m excited about life! I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made that have led to therecent changes in my life, and I’m very much looking forward to my future moves. Watch out for some new blog posts coming your way! 😀

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