Holiday Party in San Francisco

This past weekend I flew to San Francisco for my third time. The purpose of this trip was Kevin's work holiday party. It was a great weekend and I am a big fan of San Fran.

I got into SF late Thursday night. We stayed at the Four Seasons, and boy did I feel spoiled. Kevin has taken me to some nice hotels, the Mark Hopkins hotel in SF being one, but the Four Seasons in my opinion was by far the best. Not only is the location great–it's in the heart of SF and within walking distance of tons of cafes, restaurants, and stores– the hotel is top-of-the-line with everything you could possibly want. We could have easily spent the entire weekend content without having to step outside the hotel.

On Friday Kevin still had to work, so I had a “”me day”” to do whatever I wanted. After taking my time getting ready, I went across the street and read while enjoying my cup of coffee. Then I did a little shopping and got my nails done afterward. I did that all within a quarter of a mile from our hotel too. I then relaxed for an hour in the room before heading to Kevin's work to catch the end of their hackathon presentations and prize winners. (MoPub is seriously the coolest start-up. Not only is everyone nice

and very intelligent, the company as a whole gets to do some really cool stuff.)

After being awed by the MoPub SF team, Kevin and I went out to dinner with one of his coworkers and her fiance at my favorite restaurantin SF, Burma Superstar. Dinner was at Burma Superstar was delicious once again, and with our stomachs full, we turned in for

the night.

After Kevin and I woke up on Saturday morning we walked across the street to pick up some pastries and coffee. Then we walked back to the hotel to relax for a bit before heading to the gym. The gym at the Four Seasons is AMAZING. The facility is clean with new equipment. I took a free pilates class before getting a massage. I definitely felt pampered.

After a light lunch we started watching Shawshank Redemption on TV while getting dressed up for the night. The MoPub holiday party was at Clift Hotel. I had champagne and Hors d'Oeuvres while mingling with Kev's colleagues. There was also a pretty baller photo booth. Overall, it was a good night. It's always fun getting dressed up once in a while.

Before heading back to NYC on Sunday, we stopped at Beard Papa's Cream Puffs for some delicious cream puffs. You get to watch them fill the flavor puff you choose with the flavor cream you choose. They don't skimp on the cream fill either, it oozes out there's so much inside. After our fill of sweets we had breakfast at The Grove. During our short walk from the hotel to breakfast we also passed some cool street art.

I love San Francisco. I always enjoy myself whenever I visit. I like that it is still considered a city but it's cleaner and more laid back (but not too laid back like San Diego) than NYC. I am also grateful that I got to spend the weekend

at the Four Seasons. It definitely added to our classy weekend for the formal holiday party. I'm looking forward to my next trip to SF in the new year!