Hike in Minnewaska and Pick Your Own Farm

One Saturday a few weeks ago in June, Kevin, some friends, and I drove about two hours upstate to go on a hike. We went to Minnewaska State Park and went on a hike for a few miles. Even though it wasdrizzling and overcast all day it was actually the perfect day to hike because there weren’t too many people on the trails.

It was my first time at Minnewaska, but I definitely plan on going again. The start of the trail we took went around a little lake and there were pretty pink flower bushes pretty much surrounding the lake. It was really pretty. Even though it was rainy, it was pretty warm, and the lake water was surprisingly warm enough that people were swimming laps in it. The first part of our hike was flat and easy, but then we decided to take a more challenging path and that’s when things got interesting. Since it had been raining, the rocks were kind of slippery, but luckily Kevin and I had our new hiking boots on. He only fell once 😉

After the hike, we drove to Kelder’s Farm to pick some fresh fruit and vegetables…from the actual ground. It was my first time at a you-pick farm either ever in my life or for longer than I can remember, but hopefully it won’t be my last because I had so much fun. Who knew picking your own fruits and vegetables could be that much fun. Everything somehow tasted better too, maybe because it wasn’t grown in pesticides or because we put in the work to pick everything ourselves. Kev made fresh pesto and we had pesto pasta filled with vegetables we picked, we got Tzatziki to dip raw veggies in, and for dessert we cut up the strawberries and added a little whip cream. The whole experience is encouraging me to eat more fruits and vegetables more regularly.

Published by Kayla