Guide for Guys for Valentine’s Day

What should a guy get for a girl he’s not in a serious relationship with yet or for a girl he’s just recently started dating? And no guys, the answer isn’t nothing. Pretending to forget Valentine’s Day definitely won’t get you any brownie points.Whetherwelike it or not, February 14th is hardwired in most female brains.

I nostalgically think back to elementary school when I’d receive handmade valentine’s with scribbley boy handwriting confessing their love, stuffed animals, chocolates, “”candy grams”” in middle school in which you could buy holiday shaped suckers and have them delivered to your sweethearts home room, candy hearts, red, pink and white decorations, etc. Although it’s been a while since I’ve had puppy dog crushes and received valentine’s from secret crushes, I still can’t help having a soft spot for what some like to refer to asa “”Hallmark Holiday.””

Therefore, if you’re having trouble thinking of a good gift to give, I’m here to help. In addition, I don’t think you need to spend a fortune. If the girl likes you you’d be surprised how even a little something can light up your sweetheart’s face. I’m being honest when I say thoughtful gifts often surpass costly gifts. So every gift I’m about to list below is under $50. One of the keyways to getby with spending relatively little is to actually pay attention to your significant other’s hobbies and interests. Practical things will always be appreciated and put to use.

Valentine’s Day Gifts forWomen (all under $50):

  • Flowers die. Buy a potted plant.
  • Candles are always useful. I love having candles lit in my room at night while I’m reading. Make sure to get a good smelling one (may help set the mood too ;))
  • Chocolate covered strawberries. Yummmm.
  • If the girl has a sense of humor and also enjoys writing (and using cool stamps<–see Stamp Store blog post) you can get her the “”Uncensored True Love Cards& Envelopes“” at Urban Outfitters for only $12.50
  • Dinner and/or the movies. But not just any dinner and not just any movie. Be creative. Find out what her favorite food is and do your research to find a restaurant that received good reviews. As far as the movie, maybe take her to an independent film or a play.
  • Wine tasting
  • Most girls love dressing up, so take her to a fancy jazz club.
  • A pre-paid massage–yes

    please! Nothing is better than a day of relaxation to pamper yourself.

  • Beer-of-the-Month Club or Wine-of-the-Month Club if you know what she likes to drink.

Here are some things I recommend NOT getting your girl:

  • Roses.I know many girls may not agree with me on this one, but I personallythink that giving roses as a gift on Valentine’s day is taking the easy way out–They’re SO typicaland boring! If you have to get flowers at least mix it up a bit. Buy the girl roses bedazzled in glitter or something…
  • No bath stuff, Victoria’s Secret perfume sprays or lotions–too easy and overdone
  • No sex position books, body oils or flavored condoms. That’s more like a gift for yourself, not for your girl.
  • No clothes unless she specifically points out something she wants (How embarrassing would it be if you got her the wrong size too? Eek!)
  • Jewelry. For some reason, regardless if it’s an actual diamond or not, guys often freak out and get anti-commitment-phobia at the thought of having to choose jewelry for a girl. So save yourself theworry guys, and unless you’ve been dating for over a year or two, don’t fret about the bling.

Remember guys, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, and even if you know the one you’re currently with isn’t “”the one,”” just think of this gift giving guide as practice to come up with unique ideas of your own in the future.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day all you love birds out there (and try not to hold hands and kiss in front of us single people, it makes me sick ;)) <3


Published by klafata