Fried Oreos at Cafeteria

A friend of mine had suggested I go to Cafeteria for brunch for a while, and me anda girlfriend have tried going there for after-work drinks but it was too crowded, so when a group of my friends decided to meet at Cafeteria for dinner and drinks one day last week, I was looking forward to finally trying it out. Every time I go to Cafeteria it is pretty packed and I end up having to head to the basement, which is actually fine with me because it’s cooler and less crowded.

For my pre-meal drink I ordered a raspberry mojito which was tasty. For dinner I ordered the cobb salad and had a few bites of the truffle oil macaroni and cheese that my boyfriend ordered. Both meals were delicious. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was very flavorful. My friend ordered the fish tacos and loved those too.

Of course I couldn’t leave without checking out the dessert menu, and once I did I was locked in for the fried Oreos. Can you believe that I had not had fried Oreos up until about a week ago!? I was definitely missing out. They were like heaven in my mouth. The doughy fried goodness made the Oreo soft, which was actually better accepted by my palate than the usual hard cookie shell.

I can’t say enough good things about fried Oreos, and Cafeteria is definitely a great, posh spot to have them. Even though I probably consumed 1,000 calories on dessert alone, I will admit that it was worth it, at least as an occasional treat.


*Cafeteria is located

> at 119 7th Avenue New York, NY 10010

Published by klafata