Fourth of July

Happy belated 4th of July! What did you do to celebrate? It sucks that it landed on a Wednesday this year, but at least I had the day off, so I guess I can't complain too much. My bf and I started the festivities off with a free Norah Jones concert in Central Park after work on Tuesday. Well, the concert wasn't actually

free–people who were actually in front of the stage paid, we just happened to be behind the stage where we couldn't see Norah but we could hear her. We weren't the only ones though–there were a ton of people sprawled out on blankets drinking wine and snacking on food.

I didn't mind not actually seeing Norah Jones perform, and since we didn't pay anything, I didn't feel obligated to stay the entire time.

On Wednesday morning we slept in and I made delicious tofu scramble on English muffins with Canadian facon (fake bacon). I was quite proud of myself. With a full belly, I went back to sleep for a while longer until Kevin forced me to go to the gym. After our workout we walked around the city doing a little window shopping until we were hungry and stopped at Nanoosh for a Mediterranean lunch. After lunch we stopped at Whole Foods to pick up fruit to make a giant fruit salad, vegan cookie dough and coconut milk vanilla ice cream to make vegan ice cream sandwiches, and OJ for mimosas. By the time we got back, people were already sitting on the roof of Kevin's apartment building awaiting Macy's fireworks display to begin.

One of my oldest besties, Maddi, joined us on the 40-something floor of The Continental to watch the fireworks on the Hudson River. Although I was living in NYC last July, I was on and missed Macy's fireworks, so this year since I was around, I figured I might as well see them. After all, fireworks are better seen in person rather than on TV. The roof deck was packed an hour before the “”show”” started, but we still managed to snag a good spot along the railing. The fireworks were actually pretty fun to watch, but more importantly, I enjoyed the company I was with. My favorite firework this year was the smiley face, and Maddi's was the ones that looked like weeping willows. Check out a video Maddi took below.

To cap off the night, Kevin, Maddi and I watched two episodes of one of my new favorite shows, Workaholics, while eating fruit salad and my vegan ice cream sandwiches.

Even though it sucked having to go into work the day after, I still enjoyed my day off and overall, it was a great, laid-back 4th of July. “”Fur Sure.””