First Time Visiting Vermont

Over Halloween weekend this year, Kevin and I drove to Vermont. I wanted to go somewhere upstate to see the Fall foliage and since I had never been to Vermont, Kevin suggested we drive a little further to a state we’ve never been. We ended up staying at a bed and breakfast in Waterbury that we found on Airbnb which was a convenient five minute drive to the Ben & Jerry’s factory.We only had a little over 24 hours to explore Vermont before we had to drive back to the city, so we jammed in as many activities as possible on Saturday.

We weren’t sure if there would be long lines for the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour, so we woke up fairly early so we could be there right when they opened. The factory tour was pretty cool and it was neat hearing more about the history of Ben & Jerry’s. It makes me like their ice cream even more! After enjoying a little ice cream sample we changed clothes to go on a hike, but we stopped at a nice pizza placein town to get some lunch first. At lunch I had the opportunity to try the acclaimed Heady Topper IPA beer brewed in Waterbury by The Alchemist. It is not widely distributed so I’m glad I got a chance to try it when I was there.

For our hike we chose Stowe Pinnacle trail which was supposed to be easy/moderate in difficulty but it definitely ended up being more challenging than we were anticipating. It was mainly uphill and we were sweating as we climbed to the top. Once we got to the top though we got a nice view of the town below. Unfortunately we went to Waterbury about two weeks too late. It was still pretty but a lot of the trees leaves had already fallen. It was still nice to get some fresh air and exercise though.

After our hike we freshened up and rushed to the local cider mill, Cold Hollow, before they closed. It wasn’t as good as the Michigan cider mills I’ve grown up going to but it was still nice to include as part of our Fally weekend. In the evening we went to a nearby town to see a movie. We saw Burnt the chef movie with Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller at the cute local movie theater in the middle of town.

That was all we were able to fit in on Saturday and on Sunday morning we hit the road back to the city in time for Kevin to catch an evening flight. It was definitely a lot of driving (about 6.5 hours each way) for such a short trip, but I’m glad we got to experience fall in Vermont.

Published by Kayla