First Time in Austin

A few weeks ago I went to Austin for the first time. It was MoPub’s Founders Party. Kevin was out there for a whole week but I flew in Friday night for the big dinner on Saturday. Kev and I stayed at the W hotel which was really nice in downtown Austin. Even though I was only there for a little over 24 hours, I still felt like I got a good sense of what Austin is all about.
On Saturday we had a full day. We went to a BBQ where there were a bunch of fun activities. Me and Kev got our pictures taken with a beautiful longhorn. There was also a bull riding ring and calf roping machine. My favorite was the armadillo ring where you could even get a group of people together to do an armadillo race. They are actually kind of cute. Everyone enjoyed their BBQ while a good live band performed.
After the BBQ we all headed to the Colorado River to get on boat for a little river cruise. Unfortunately it started raining when we got on the boat, but that didn’t stop many of us from hanging out on the top deck for a better view. People in Austin seem pretty active. Even with the drizzle, we saw many people still running on the trail alongside the river.
After the boat cruise we were able to rest for a bit before heading to dinner. There was lots of eating, drinking, and dancing to the live country music. Kevin and I turned in at a reasonable hour even though the after party at another local club was just getting started around midnight.
Though the trip was short, I still had a good time visiting Austin.]]>

Published by Kayla