First Ski of the Year in Tahoe

I went skiing for the first time this winter season over MLK Jr. Day weekend. I stayed in Tahoe in a house that Kevin and several of his co-workers rented. I skied the first day there, relaxed, had a spa day, and watched the 49ers vs. Seahawks Championship game on the second day, and skied again on the third day. The snow wasn’t that great, so we only skied at Heavenly which apparently had the most runs open. I didn’t mind though since it was my first time skiing at Heavenly and I’m still new to the sport.

I’ve come to really enjoy ski weekends because it’s rare that I just lounge around in sweats with no makeup, and I like taking a break from NYC by being more chill. I also felt a lot more confident skiing this time around and I had a great time skiing. I’m looking forward to my next ski trip already!

Here’s a little clip from Kevin’s new GoPro. Look at the great view of Lake Tahoe:

And I may or may not have danced by myself in Taco Bell while waiting for our food…


Published by Kayla