Film Review: The Artist and We Need to Talk About Kevin

Two great movies, but both very different: The Artist and We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Keeps me regular, and, I think, makes me sleep a little better as well.

Paris Theater – The Artist

As I've mentioned a few times, the Paris Theater is one of my favorite theaters in the city, not just because it shows one movie exclusively at a time but also because I really enjoy seeing French films. I saw a preview of The Artist the last time I was at Paris Theater and was interested in seeing the silent black and white film because it's something different, and then when it got a lot of hype for being nominated for 6 Golden Globe Awards (3 of which it won including Best Picture and Best Actor), I figured it would be worth seeing.

Seeing a silent black and white film certainly is an experience. It was interesting because while you usually try to be quiet during a movie, you don't think too much about eating popcorn or crumbling candy wrappers, but when watching a silent film, you become very conscious of every little move you make. At the same time, since there is no sound, I found myself focused on

the screen at all timesin order not to miss any subtle gesture.

The Artist was a little corny for my taste, even without sound, but it was still a unique, enjoyable experience. When is the next time I'm going to see an old fashioned film?

Probably not again any time soon unless they come back in fashion. Regardless, Paris Theater is a very fitting theater forthat film; there's something charming about old fashioned black and white films just as there is with Paris.

AngelikaFilm Center- We Need to Talk About Kevin

I didn't really know anything about the film before going into it besides that it got 5 star reviews. I also wanted to see the film partlyas a joke because my boyfriend's name is Kevin. Boy was I in for a surprise. We do Need to Talk About Kevin. It was by far one of the most intense films I have ever seen. Although there were twotimes in the filmwhere I literally thought I needed to exit the theater because I couldn't handle watching it anymore, it is definitely worth seeing. You knowa film is powerful when you're still thinking about it days later. The intensity of the subject matter in combination of seeingan experiencethrough the lens of someone you normally wouldn't think about makes We Need to Talk About Kevinsuch an original film.There is so much symbolism and the waythe story is told through a mother's flashbacks oscillating from the growing up ofher child leading upto a majortragedyto the doldrums of herlife afterwards is beautifully done.It's odd that the film is so disturbing yet beautifully done, but that's why it's so brilliant.I cannot recommend this movie enough.

So, if you're looking for movie suggestions for this weekend, I recommend The Artist if you want a fun, light film, and We Need to Talk About Kevin if you want something more dark and serious.

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