Film Review: Inception

Inception is a brilliantly complex movie that kept me interested the whole three hours in length. Leonardo is probably my favorite actor (although Joseph Gordon-Levitt was looking pretty hot in this movie as Leo's partner too). I was waiting in anticipation for several months for the release of Shutter Island, and although it wasn't a bad movie by any means, it didn't blow me away either. While the plot for Shutter Island was pretty good, Inception seems to have been better produced. I liked the combination of action and thriller in Inception. Thank god there wasn't a corny love triangle thing going on. I am so tired of those kind of movies. Therefore, all the unexpected gun action that took place was a pleasant alternative as odd as it sounds.

What I found most unique about this film is that every time the characters went into a dream, into a dream, into a dream, I felt my own mind layering the details and trying to sort out what was actually happening and what was just a dream. I find films that make you think throughout the entire film to be the most rewarding.
**Spoiler Alert**
My take on the ending is that Cobb, Leo's character, gets out of the dream in time and is actually reunited with his kids in the real world. I believe this because:
1. The look on his face when he woke up on the plane after barely escaping alive. He could hardly even believe it himself that he made it back.
2. What would have been the point of Cobb traveling through time and dreams in order to find Saito (the Japanese man who was going to clear his record so he could go home to his family) and bring him back to reality if he wasn't going to actually see his kids in real life?
3. Cobb never looked at his kids' faces when he was under because he didn't want to mistake his dream for reality like his wife did. At the end of the movie, his own father takes him to his kids and he and the audience see their faces for the first time, thus supporting my belief that he wasn't dreaming anymore.
4. I think that Director, Christopher Nolan, only made the ending ambiguous as a shock factor to get his audience members talking about the movie and speculating about whether Cobb did or did not escape the dreamworld. The outcome is up to each individual audience member's own interpretation, but I choose to be optimistic.
Lastly, I loved all of the casts' polished style of dress. Although the movie takes place in present-day, their clothing, which consists of business formal suits and ties, button-down shirts, dressy vests, and leather jackets coupled with their well-groomed, slicked back hair, had a flair of the bourgeois 30s or 40s.

Overall, Inception was an excellent film and I recommend it to those who enjoy a multi-layered storyline that forces you to pay attention in order to keep up.

My Film Rating: 9.5/10

Published by Kayla