Feeling Nostalgic

After having moved out of beloved Ann Arbor, my home for the past four years, I have become a bit nostalgic thinking about all of the things I enjoyed about that college town. Therefore, I have composed a list of the things I miss most and will never forget about my time there.
1. The University of Michigan- I have so much pride for my alma mater. Obviously that was the main reason I was living in Ann Arbor to begin with, but the University became something much more to me than a place of higher education. There are several professors and several courses that opened my eyes to various issues and topics and got me thinking about things differently. I also met a diverse group of people all intelligent in different ways.
3. Campus Squirrels– They are plump, cute, and practically domestic. I had so much fun feeding the squirrels in the diag and the squirrel that lived by my house, Chewy, that I would often catch in our tree eating whatever goods my neighbors left out for him. I doubt I will ever come across squirrels as fearless (and well fed) as my critter friends in Ann Arbor.
4. Afternoon Delight– By far my favorite breakfast spot, even more so than Angelo’s. I always ordered the same thing whenever I went there, but I appreciated the several vegetarian options available. What I also really like about Afternoon Delight is that they are pretty fast even when they have a line to the door, and their food is reasonably priced.
5. South University Bars– Being able to walk home from a night of drinking was marvelous and something I probably won’t be able to do again unless I live in the city. Taxis can be pretty expensive, so I’ll always remember the good ol’ days when I didn’t have to worry about who would be my designated driver and where we were going. S. U. bars were conveniently 5 minutes away from my apartment.
6. Frozen Yogurt– Although I will be able to get frozen yogurt anywhere in the country really, I don’t know if it will ever quite mean the same to me. Frozen yogurt was often my treat that got me through a night in the library as sad as that sounds.

7. Urban Outfitters on State St. & Liberty – Nothing can beat being able to do two of my favorite things in one day: shopping and learning. Since Urban was conveniently located within walking distance from my classes, I would often stop in for a few minutes before shuffling on to class. The A2 Urban will always be my favorite because it was also the most organized and well-stocked of any of the other Urbans I have ever visited.

Goodbye Ann Arbor, you were good to me, and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Published by Kayla