Easter in Michigan

I flew home to Michigan for Easter this year to spend it with my family. I got in late on Friday night. On Saturday me, my brother, a friend, and my dad went golfing at the Chemung Hills golf course in Howell. We played 9 holes and had a blast. I only golf about once a year whenever I’m with my dad and it’s warm enough outside, so I’m not super good, but I’m not horrible either. I always have a fun time golfing which is all that really matters anyway. It’s fun to play with my dad and brother too; it’s a good bonding activity. On Sunday, my grandparents hosted Easter, so the whole family went to Owosso for the day. My parents bought all of the ingredients for a fun cocktail recipe I found online. It included Corona, Grey Goose, raspberry lemonade mix, and fresh raspberries. It was refreshing and tasty and definitely loosened us up–not that we needed to loosen up though, my family is a riot!

Besides hanging out chatting, drinking, and snacking, the women had a little book exchange (dorky, I know, but it’s fun and I look forward to it), then we had an egg hunt. Two of my cousins hid the eggs around the yard. Everyone got to collect four eggs per person. The eggs were filled with candy, money, and pieces of paper with a bag number. The numbered bags were distributed afterwards that contained more goodies that couldn’t fit in the Easter eggs. I got a $1 bill, a lotto ticket, some candy, and a number for a bag which had a margarita drink mix, a crossword puzzle, and a three-pack of gum. Everyone had a lot of fun.

I’m really glad I went home for Easter this year. We lucked out that it was a beautiful, warm day too so we got to enjoy being outside.

Published by Kayla