Easter 2015

Last Sunday was Easter. Last year Easter was around the same time as my birthday so I flew home to spend the weekend with my family, but this year they are much different times in Aprilso I spent Easter in NYC with Kevin, Pants and Boots since I’m flying home in July.

A lot of my co-workers left early on Friday to go home to be with their families, so luckily Friday wasn’t too busy at work and I got to leave early too. On Saturday Kevin and I had a chill day. We went to spin class at The Monster Cycle and then to dinner with friends followed by a movie. We saw Fast and Furious 7.

On Sunday morning we ordered bagels from our favorite spot, Brooklyn Bagels, then we went to spin class again at The Monster Cycle. After spin we got dressed for afternoon tea at the Pembroke Room at The Lowell. It wasn’t as grand as the afternoon teas I’m used to in having in London, but it was still a very pleasant afternoon.

After tea Kev and I walked around to do some shopping. Most of the stores were closed with it being Easter/Passover, but it was a nice day so it still felt good to be outside walking around.

Of course my favorite thing about Easter was the Easter basket I received from my parents. They spoil me and put SO much candy in my basket including: Easter M and Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Double Bubble gum, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Cadbury creme eggs, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, and a Dairy Queen gift card. I was feeling pretty bummed over the weekend not being home with my family over Easter. They posted cute family pics and I felt really jealous/homesick/sad. It was very thoughtful that my parents still sent me a basket though.

Pants and Boots even had a little treat in my basket which I made sure to give them after forcing them to wear a little duck and bunny costume for the sake of pictures. It was totally worth it.

Even though I didn’t get to go home for Easter, I still had a good weekend with my little family in NYC.

Published by Kayla