Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

Two weekends ago I went to Washington DC because I really wanted to see the cherry blossom trees. We stayed at The Fairfax hotel. We didn’t get to DC until late on Friday so we went straight to bed once we finally arrived. On Saturday morning I was eager to explore, so we stopped in Firehook Bakery for a quick breakfast. My mouth was watering over their large assortment of pastries, cakes and cookies. It’s a great local spot.From there we drove as close as we could get to the Washington Monument (which wasn’t that close because it was so crowded due to the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade that morning), but it was really nice outside, so we enjoyed the longer walk. There was a cluster of gorgeous cherry blossom trees by the Washington Monument, and all the visitors were flocked to them. Kev and I were able to snap a few shots though.

From there we walked to the National Gallery of Art. Below is one of my fav pieces there by Camille Pissarro, “Charing Cross Bridge, London (1890)”.

After walking around for a few hours, we were pretty exhausted, so we went back to the hotel for a little siesta. The rest of the night was really low key. We watched the Lone Survivor in bed. Watching movies in bed, especially big comfy hotel beds, is one of my favorite things to do on trips.

On Sunday we had brunch at GBD (Good Brown Delicious) where I had a nutella doughnut and french toast sticks. We thought about going to the Smithsonian, but Kevin said he was museumed out, so since it was nice out we decided to check out the DCarboretum instead. Unfortunately, traffic was really bad and we missed the exit though, so we decided to just continue on home.

Although we didn’t do a ton while we were in DC for the weekend, we still had a good time, and I got to see a good number of cherry blossom trees. It was a fun little trip. I’m so glad Spring is here!

Published by Kayla