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I went to a karaoke barهتin NYCهتfor the first time ever on Valentine’s Day.هتYup, you read correctly, my first time karaoking. While I sometimes sing while driving and I occasionally sing in the shower, anytime I do so I do it alone. I never claimed to have good vocals, so I usually keep my singing voice to myself like a courteous citizen. So when some of my single co-workers wanted to do something after work for Valentine’s Day and suggested a karaoke bar in downtown nyc, I wasn’t too thrilled. I told them that I would not sing under any circumstance…unless I was completely intoxicated beforehand.

We went to Radio Star Karaoke (3 W. 35th St.) which is close to our office. There ended up being six of us in total which was the perfect amount. I didn‰غھt know what to expect so I chuckled when we first walked in because I felt like we were in a disco room with the dim lights and multi-colored strobe lights flashing. There was a main stage with a bongo and one large screen in addition to a wall TV that displayed the song lyrics. We started off with a round of drinks as we chose songs out of the book of karaoke songs.

Surprisingly, one drink was all it took to get the party started, and two co-workers voluntarily began the signing session. A few drinks and two appetizer plates later, all of us girls were on our feet dancing and belting out songs. We sang everything from country to rap. What made it even more fun was that there wasn’t that one awkward person sitting in a corner refusing to participate. It seemed like everyone was really enjoying themselves. Rather than drinking to have fun it was more like we kept drinking because we were already having so much fun and we needed a liquid beverage to slake our thirst from singing our little hearts out. Additionally, I think we were entertaining the bartenders too (or maybe they thought some more booze might make us sound better) because they brought us a round of shots on the house.

All in all, my first karaoking experience in NYC was a blast. I won‰غھt turn my

nose up if someone suggests having a karaoke nyc night ever again.هت It’s like bowling actually–you aren’t excited about the activity until you actually get there and start doing it and realize that it’s a lot of fun. What’s also neat is that if you’re really self-conscious about singing in front of others, especially strangers, there’s the option of renting out a private karaoke room (see above right picture).هت So next time you‰غھre out with a group of friends and want to do something different but still want alcohol involved, I recommend having a karaoke night in NYC.

Best Karaoke In NYC

1. Radio Star Karaoke (3W. 35th St.) The NYC Karaoke Bar we went to which was alot of fun for everyone who went!

2. Karaoke Duet 35 (between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americans) – Review by Mary Q:
Highlight of my evening: unassuming quiet Asian guy within the corner whips out “”I’m on a boat”” complete with sufficient profanities to make the FCC beg for mercy. T-Pain would have been proud!

Came to this Karaoke Duet 35 NYC for a Judy C.’s bday having a celebration of about a dozen individuals, give or take. We had been within the big space using the little stage towards the side and there was a lot of space. Charge was about $8.50 per individual per hour, amazing! Song choice was fairly diverse and also the procedure of getting into the songs in is idiot-proof. Liquor kept flowing the entire evening thanks to the bar outside. We even got a bottle of wine at no cost because we had been there for a bday. So come to drink and let your inner T-Pain shine!

3. Karaoke DUET 48 NYC (between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave) – Review by Trisha B:

When your common J-pop and K-pop loving herd of fans requirs a location to belt out the most recent releases, exactly where do they go? I do not know exactly where you go, but my buddies and I usually select Duet 48 my favorite place to karaoke in nyc.

Apart from the squeaky-clean interior of the nyc karaoke bar, ambient lighting, useful staff, sheer variety of rooms, fantastic soundproofing (in the event you do not scream), and incredible ventilation, the Japanese song list that is updated each and every month keeps my group of buddies very occupied whenever we come here. The Korean song list is updated every two months or so, but we’re by no means disappointed. The staff is also usually prepared to assist if your machine breaks down or if your microphone dies–just call them on the in-room telephone!

We do wonder why we’re usually placed within the exact same space, although. It is also usually a great deal of enjoyment to “”dub”” whatever’s playing on the screen amongst song options, haha.

The marathon from Mondays to Thursdays is your most effective bet to obtain probably the most out of one’s cash: it is $3/hr, and $12 flat in the event you invest 4 hours or more. Also, do not forget that you could in most cases bring your personal food. Make sure to make reservations on weekends and throughout the vacation season or you will be pleasantly shocked. If you are under eighteen (?), you will need to leave at 8PM sharp simply because they do not permit any minors within the building once they begin their evening hours.

Happy Karaoke In NYC!

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