Capturing the Elusive

*Extraordinary, breathtaking, memorable images that make us desire to continuously look despite how many times our eyes have scanned every millimeter of the picture with hope of cementing every detail in memory.
Photography is pretty amazing. It’s no wonder the saying goes, “”A picture is worth a thousand words.”” I particularly admire photos that require not only a good camera, but also skill–an eye for the right lighting, positioning, etcetera that the average person with a camera cannot capture.

Today in my Yahoo news updates I came across a compilation of high-speed photographs. The first thing I thought as I looked in awe at the pictures was, “”That’s so cool!”” Photography is a form of art, and the neat thing about these pictures is that it feels like a science experiment too. Being able to see things that the human eye cannot capture itself is spectacular. I love the parallel of the photograph and the image
within the photograph–the camera acts like a time slowing machine, being able to capture something that happens in a fraction of a second, and the photograph stops time as well by being a preserver of the image.

Enjoy 🙂

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