Beau Monde Style for Glamorous Gossip Girl

I was having a serious fashiongasm while checking out the other day. I went through dozens upon dozens of Gossip Girl wardrobe photos from the “”Get the Look”” section. Out of all the characters, my style is most like Blair’s–polished and put-together. I like Serena’s wardrobe as well but it’s not my personal style. She wears more provocative dresses, but hey, she has the body to pull it off, so I say go for it. Blair dresses a bit more conservatively but all of her outfits are still enviously cute and stylish. I think her sophisticated style carries an essence of respectability that may be attributed to Blair’s capability to command a room with confidence.

After looking at the noted outfits from each of the seasons, I’ve decided that the third season was definitely not my favorite. I miss Blair’s headbands! She loses the hair accessories as a sign of maturing and letting go of her “”queen bee”” ways as she enters college, but I think that the hairbands were an essential part of her outfits that really made them stand out. Most of the headbands Blair wears throughout the show are by hair accessory guru Jennifer Behr.
Although the character is only supposed to be in her late teens, she definitely dresses sophisticated with a little “”Blair flair”” as I’d like to call it. For example, another notable trend of Blair’s is to wear tights under articles that one normally wouldn’t, like tights with shorts or an orange pair of tights with a fancy dress seen in the picture on the left. The surprising thing is that she can actually pull it off.
Looking at all of the pictures of fabulous clothing made me ache to go shopping. InStyle is launching a new site in mid-August, so I’m curious to see what kind of goods will be offered. Also, season 4 of Gossip Girl will be starting this Fall on CW tv. Can’t wait!


Published by klafata