Bachelorette Party in Nashville

The first weekend of June I went to Nashville for my cousin Dayna’s bachelorette party. I was looking forward to going because it was for one of the cousins I am closest to and it was in Nashville which I had never been to before. I flew there after work on Friday and met my other cousin Randi at the airport before sharing a cab to the house we had rented for the weekend. There were eleven of us total and we found a really nice 3-story place on Airbnb that we all fit in. As soon as we got to the house we were greeted with jello shots and a mixed drink. Once me and Randi changed we grabbed a few Ubers and headed to dinner. By the time we found a place to seat our large party we were all famished and it was pretty late. It was also unfortunately raining. We tried getting a second wind but it was a little hard, so after checking out one bar with a live band, a few of us headed home a little early…but not before grabbing some delicious freshly made pecan praline and gophers  from Savannah’s on our way back.

On Saturday morning everyone took their time getting ready. By the afternoon we all headed into town. We stopped for lunch and cocktails at a bar before walking around a bit. We wanted to listen to some live music at The Listening Room which was recommended by one of my co-workers but we missed the afternoon show. Luckily we found another good bar, Acme with live music and delicious frozen cocktails. Later in the afternoon we got on a party barge where we cruised down Broadway and all over downtown Nashville for two hours which was a ton of fun.

After the party barge we went back to the apartment where we ordered in pizza and Dayna opened her gifts. Since we had been running around and drinking since the afternoon and everyone had early flights the next morning we called it a night and stayed in the rest of the evening. Even though I didn’t get to see or do as much as I had hoped in Nashville, we still had a blast and I’m glad I got to be there for my cousin’s special weekend and meet some more of her friends before her wedding. Cheers!

Published by Kayla