Atlantic City

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to Atlantic City, NJ. We both wanted to get out of the city and neither of us had been to Atlantic City before, so we figured we'd give it a shot. Annnd it might be our last trip to AC. We stayed at the Golden Nugget–or what I like to call the Golden Fugget–which I do NOT recommend for several reasons. For one, it's not on the Boardwalk, so anytime you want to go elsewhere you have to take a cab or the Jitney. Cabs are really expensive in AC–it cost us about $13 each way for a 10-15 minute cab ride to the Boardwalk. The Jitney only costs $2.25 per person but it takes a lot longer since it stops at all the casino resorts.

Secondly, there isn't much to do besides gambling, going to the pool or beach, or walking on the Boardwalk, which was fun but got boring after like, one day. I was really looking forward to walking on the Atlantic City Boardwalk which is

the longest boardwalk in the world, but unfortunately, besides walking on it, there weren't any desirable shops to go into. There is an overabundance of carnival-like food and games and cheesy touristy shops. And speaking of food, I felt bloated and disgusted by the time I left because everything is fried and fatty. This is one of the least vegetarian friendly places I've visited. Additionally, the majority of the people in AC looked overweight–which doesn't seem surprising considering people go there to sit in a dark casino drinking pop and alcohol all day and night, and the only eating options are unhealthy.

But most importantly, the worst part of our stay at the Golden Nugget was their PAPER thin walls that allow you to hear everything going on all around you. Friday night we stayed on the 18th floor and Kevin and I slept horribly after being woken up numerous times by a bachelor party returning to their room late and then kids running through the halls in the morning. After complaining, we were given a room on the 24th floor but unfortunately it wasn't any better. I wised up the second night around and wore earplugs to bed, but Kevin was woken up a few times by our neighbors and even heard the people farting and giggling about it in the room next to us. It's kind of funny writing about it now, but it was really shitty at th

e time when we were trying to have a relaxing weekend. In the morning when we went to check out, Kevincomplained about our experience tosee if they'd offer some sort of discount.We were referred to the manager who in returngave us attitude about not speaking with her sooner (although we told her we did try calling after we switched rooms and found that all the rooms have adjoining rooms and we was put on hold for 15 minutes waiting to be put through to her before hanging up) and was not

sympathetic in the least.

There were a few things I did enjoy about Atlantic City though. On Friday Kev and I had sushi at Scarduzio's in the Show Boat which was pretty good, and we got to

check out Revel afterwards. Revel is a nice, new smoke-free casino. I really appreciate smoke-free areas. We also had a delicious Sunday brunch at Bungalow. The chocolate Godiva pancakes are to die for. Finally, I liked the pool chairs at the Golden Nugget (about the only thing I liked there) that were submerged in shallow pool water which allowed me to get my tan on while also staying cool in the pool.

Walking on the Boardwalk was also nice because it is spacious, clean, and right by the ocean. AC is pretty clean, I do give it that. BUT, what I was most shocked about is all the poverty and run-down buildings throughout AC. Besides the casinos and Boardwalk, the rest of AC seemed to be in shambles. Golden Nugget is only two miles from the Boardwalk, so we could have just walked instead of taking cabs, but the fact of the matter is, we didn't feel safe enough to walk through town. It was pretty sad actually.

To sum up our weekend in Atlantic City, I did have a good time spending quality time with my boyfriend, and I am glad I experienced AC, but I don't see myself going back any time soon. Or if I do, I will definitely not stay at the Golden Nugget. All in all, I was glad to get out of the city for the weekend, but it ended up being a surprisingly expensive weekend with the hotel, food, and transportation costs. Atlantic City is not for everybody, that's for sure.