Art Basel Miami 2018

I was in Miami only several weeks before over Memorial Day weekend, so when Kevin asked me to fly out again for Art Basel in early December, I was a little hesitant. I’m so glad I went though because I ended up having the best time…and we even bought a piece of art!

We stayed at the Confidante which wasn’t the nicest hotel, but was fine considering we weren’t in the room much. I arrived on Friday night right after work and met up with a group for dinner at The Surf Club. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. We had an avocado salad to start, followed by truffle pasta, eggplant parm, and then a sundae dessert. We even got to walk through the kitchen and meet famous renowned Chef Thomas Keller.

Saturday was my one main day to experience Art Basel. Me and Kev woke up early to beat the lines and use our VIP pass to be one of the first ones into Art Basel in Miami Beach which is the main fair. The convention center was huge but we did manage to check almost everything out. After that we went to ART MIAMI to check out some more art. C24, the gallery who used to represent Nick Gentry who we commissioned to do two pieces of art for us in the past, got us tickets. It was a completely different vibe at ART MIAMI than ART BASEL, but it was still a lot of fun and the art was much more affordable.

On Sunday morning, we only had a little time before heading to the airport back to NYC, so we woke up for an early morning run before heading to UNTITLED.

There were a few pieces we were seriously considering including (in order of favorites from top to bottom. Also, these pictures don’t do them justice):
1. Jean-Luc Moulène, Monochrome / Echantillon (série 2) – vert
2. Gilles Barbier, Hawaiian Ghost # 10
3. Mike Dargas, Bee Loved
4. Ayane Mikagi, Moon Sounds III
5. Bonnie Maygarden, Aura

Bee Loved and Moon Sounds III had already been sold, Enchantillon was a bit out of our price range, and we were planning on scheduling a trip at a future date to meet with Bonnie Maygarden in New Orelans to see if she could do a commissioned piece with different colors. That was until the Sunday morning before we fly back to NYC. We were at UNTITLED and I had low expectations, but then we came across up-comer Carmen Neely’s work. In her collection of work, Intellectualized Intimacy, she revisits conversations, life events and tactical items in the process of creating work of carefully selected moments of romantic nostalgia.

Kev and I both loved one particular piece, It is love, but even so. We plan on putting it on the large wall in our dining room. We’re so excited to have it in our apartment to look at every day–stay tuned for pictures once we have the art up on the wall.

Carmen Neely, It is love, but even so

Overall, the weekend was a success and I had more fun than I anticipated. I would have left Miami and Art Basel happy regardless if we ended up buying art but it was certainly a plus to find something Kev and I both really liked enough to invest in. I look forward to going again another year!

One of our other favorites – Robert Longo, Tiger

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