An Unsatiable Craving

I don't know if it's the Summer season, my hormones, or all of the commercials flooding my TV screen recently, but my craving for ice cream has been absurd. I will literally skip dinner just so I don't feel as guilty about devouring a frosty treat. I'm sure you have seen the commercials too. Dairy Queen is celebrating the 25th birthday of the blizzard, and while it should be a celebratory time, my waistline is telling me the party needs to come to an end. DQ knows what it's doing by flooding my easily dessert-persuadable-mind with images of the sweet, creamy, ingredient-loaded blizzard.

In addition, they did a double blast by advertising their irresistible DQ cakes for Father's Day. So, of course, I rationalized with myself that the DQ cake would be the perfect gift for my father after our long

day of golfing and figured that it would be okay to indulge “”just this once”” because I was buying a whole cake, and everyone in my family would eat some. Yeah, well that rationale didn't just kick me in the butt, it has decided that a better punishment would be to attach its little fat particles to my rear as a constant reminder that not my dad, but I, ate half the cake myself. If that isn't the right step in the direction of obesity, I don't know what is.

BUT, in my defense, I recently watched “”America's Favorite Foods”” on the Food Network, where it was revealed why DQ is so tantalizing to my taste buds. Ironically, it's because they don't freeze them! Let me explain. Regular ice cream is so cold that it often freezes many of our taste buds, thus preventing the total enjoyability of the ice cream flavor, whereas Dairy Queen uses soft serve ice cream that isn't quite as cold. Those few degrees can make a load (of flavors) of difference and effect the total ice cream experience. DQ's secret is what keeps millions of people visiting their numerous locations daily. And that is why, even when it's cold in the wintertime, it can't freeze (haha, get it?) my craving for a Dairy Queen treat.

Published by Kayla