A Day in Queens

Earlier this month some of my co-workers and I went to Flushing Queens for the day. It was actually really quick and easy to get there. I just took the LIRR to Flushing from Penn Station, and it only took 20 minutes.
We all met up at KPOP for gel manicures with fun designs. Surprisingly, it was my first time getting a gel manicure, ever! The options were endless and the hardest part of our day was picking out which designs to get. It was a lot of fun getting our nails done together.
After spending like three hours getting our nails done, we had lunch at the food court in the New World Mall. There are dozens of different food stalls with a wide range of food including Malaysian, Thai, Viet-namese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Because there were so many options, we all went to different stalls and bought something different so we could share and try as much as possible. We had everything from noodles, to dumplings and spring rolls, to a spicy mixed veggie dish. Everything was super good. It was also really neat being able to watch some of the vendors make the noodles from scratch right in front of you.

After lunch we walked to Prince Tea House. The place is super cute and decorated nicely. It’s like an adult version of Alice’s Tea Cup in Manhattan. They use cute china and have a wide variety of teas and cakes. Even though we were already full from lunch, we couldn’t resist getting a few things to share. We tried the green tea mille crepe, a waffle with nutella, fruit, and ice cream, a carmel pot black tea which looks like a little potted plant with cookie crumble as the dirt and lavender tea. Everything was delicious.

With our stomachs full, we all headed to our respective trains to head back home. It was a really fun day out in Queens. I rarely travel to other boroughs, so it was cool to hang out in a new area. My company wasn’t bad either 😉

Published by Kayla